Tourist information about Azerbaijan and is it safe

Tourist information about Azerbaijan and is it safe


Tourist information about Azerbaijan When anyone thinks about traveling for tourism, the first thing that comes to their minds is the question about the security situation there.

Since we have devoted this topic to the knowledge of the security situation in Azerbaijan

We'll be asking a lot of Tourist information about Azerbaijan Is it safety? Of interest to any traveler there ...

معلومات سياحية عن اذربيجان

Safety in Azerbaijan

When you travel to Azerbaijan, you will find that the number of Arab travelers is very small compared to the number of tourists coming from European countries

Below we review with you tourist information about Azerbaijan and is it safe?

And information about crime in Azerbaijan, types of transportation and its severity

Crime in Azerbaijan:

الجريمة في اذربيجان

If you decide to travel to Azerbaijan, know that the level of crime there is almost non-existent. However, take into account not to wander around late at night on the streets as this may put your life in danger. Also, you should not carry a large sum of money with you during your trip.
And try to make your trip largely organized, and to take the bus from the closest place to the place of residence, and that the place of your disembarkation from it is as close as possible to your destination. In the event that you use taxis, you must deal with well-known companies.
And be aware that any harm occurs, God forbid, or if you want to report any crime, you can contact the police by calling 102. Do not be afraid to deal with the police, as you will find that most of them speak fluent English.
But in the case of going to the police headquarters, you must be accompanied by a person who speaks the language of the country in order to facilitate the dealings. And never go on any paper written in any language other than English or a language that you understand. You should also not pay any bribes to anyone, no matter what and under what name.

Public transportation in Azerbaijan:

Use the train:


Taking a train in Azerbaijan is one of the things that you must try, as it is one of the easiest and cheapest means of transportation there. The state also takes very special care of this facility and constantly reviews basic safety measures.

As for the instructions, don't worry, they are written in English and Azerbaijani. The rate of security is high in train stations due to the presence of luggage and property checks. Despite all these security precautions, we advise you not to carry valuables with you while you are traveling from one place to another, and if you have to, choose a cabin in which the police are present and close your cabin door from the inside.

Land Mobility:

الطرق في اذربيجان

It is a lot of fun to drive in Azerbaijan, but you must have an EU or UK license. But there are many violations of traffic laws, which is why accidents are frequent, and the main and major cause is reckless driving. You will find that the majority of drivers do not follow traffic rules and ignore traffic signs. And the worst of all is that there are no badges indicating that some roads are closed to make some repairs, but they are indicated by traffic signs that are quite dull in color.

If you are going to take a taxi, you must ask about the price before boarding, as the trip from the airport to the capital will definitely cost you a large sum of money. You should also follow the timer from the beginning of the trip to the end of the trip. In the event that the driving was reckless, you should refer to the driver to slow down. But if you are going to rent a car and drive it yourself, you should be careful, as the streets are very bad and the lighting on the roads is not enough to avoid accidents.

In winter, there are many preparations that must be placed in the car to help you in the event that you get stuck in the snow. The snow falls abundantly in the winter season, so you should always keep a shovel, a blanket and a torch in case you fall into this problem, and it is among the most important tourist information about Azerbaijan that you should know.

Air travel:


Flying in Azerbaijan is not at the required level of safety, and the list of accidents that occurred in Azerbaijan abounds. According to the statistics made in 2015, the level of security and safety monitoring was less than the required global level.

The European Commission even published a list of airlines banned from operating within the European Union. A ban has been made for these companies after some random inspections have been made on these companies, which prove that they do not meet the safety standards are placed on this list.

This was the most important tourist information about Azerbaijan and the security situation there, and in the end we wish you a safe and enjoyable vacation.


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