Tourist places in Tashkent


Tourist places in Tashkent


The best tourist places in Tashkent are in the pearl that embraces the historical part of the city of Tashkent, which includes the oldest residential neighborhoods and dates back to the late nineteenth century

And many ancient architectural monuments that date back to the Middle Ages, such as the Khost Imam school and complex

In addition to the oldest markets that give tourists the opportunity to learn about the culture of its people, as the old city in Tashkent has tourism with a special taste.


  • old City
  • Prince Timur Square and the monument
  • Tashkent TV tower
  • State Museum of Art
  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Zoo Tashkent
  • Navoi Theater
  • Water Park


Tourist places in Tashkent - the old city

افضل الاماكن السياحيه في طشقند - المدينة القديمة


Tashkent Prince Timur Square and monument

Prince Timur Square is located in the heart of the city, which has a wonderful view,

In its center is the famous monument that stands tallly of Prince Timur,

It is surrounded by a wonderful garden with green spaces and tall trees, and the buildings around it are distinguished by unique architecture.

It is one of the most popular places in Tashkent as it houses a café

Restaurants and hotels, this square allows you to rent bicycles and enjoy a wonderful tour to discover more around the city

There are also talented painters, and you will have a unique experience when you visit this beautiful square.

طشقند ساحة الأمير تيمور

Tashkent Tashkent TV tower

It is the tallest building in Central Asia where the TV tower in Tashkent is 375 meters high, which was built in 1981 with a unique earthquake-resistant design.

This tower is used at a height of 220 meters to arrange the latest means of communication from satellite TV,

It also houses the highest weather station.

As for the activities that can be done inside this tower is enjoying a panoramic view over the city

And what it includes of wonderful tourist attractions and stunning nature,

It is also distinguished by a group of restaurants and cafes that revolve around the trunk of the tower.

You can also take your camera and take the most beautiful souvenir photos of this charming city.

Tashkent State Museum of Art

Tashkent offers upscale tourism, embodied in the State Museum of Art, which collects in its corridors many stories of this ancient country

From ancient times to the present day, which was founded in 1918.

It consists of two galleries. The museum’s first gallery includes a former palace of Prince Romanov and his own holdings

The other part includes many paintings, sculptures and works of art of the most famous artists and ceramic works that express the originality and nobility of Tashkent.

افضل الاماكن السياحيه في طشقند - متحف الدوله

Tashkent Roman Catholic Church

It has a stunning architectural design and exquisite décor, it is decorated with stained glass windows and small turrets on its roof

With an arched entrance and surrounded by a lush garden, giving it its own beauty and distinction.

In 2000, the church was declared one of the most beautiful and prominent architectural buildings in modern Tashkent. The internal halls of the church are lined with marble and granite, and its furniture and doors are meticulously made of luxurious wood carved with delicate carvings.

افضل الاماكن السياحيه في طشقند


Tashkent zoo city of Tashkent

The Tashkent Zoo is the most important tourist attraction in the city, which attracts many to discover its many types of animals, birds, reptiles, and many others.

حديقة حيوان مدينة طشقند


Tashkent Navoi Theater

One of the most important tourism places in Tashkent is the Tashkent Opera House, if you love the arts, do not miss attending one of the distinctive opera concerts either, ballet performances

Or concerts, and if you do not like these arts, you are enough to enjoy sitting in the wonderful garden surrounding it, which gives you comfort and relaxation.

مسرح نافوي


Tashkent water park

One of the most unique and enjoyable places, where Tashkent offers outdoor water tourism, it is the ideal place to enjoy a wonderful day with family or with friends, and an invitation to break out of the ordinary, to spend a time full of adventure.

Where you can do many activities between swimming, riding a fun water park, or taking a rest and relaxation in the green shaded park that surrounds it, as it includes luxurious restaurants and cafes.الحديقة المائية

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