Tourism in Cuba and the most important places and tourist attractions

Tourism in Cuba and the most important places and tourist attractions

Tourism in Cuba

That travel and Tourism in Cuba A wonderful opportunity in the present time as it became easier than before

This is due to the differences that arose between Cuba and the United States of America

Which had a role in reducing many of the restrictions around travel to Cuba and lowering the price of flights

In this article, here is some of what you should know about the best tourist places in Cuba

Perhaps it might inspire you to visit any of them, so follow us.

The most famous tourist attractions in Cuba

  • Cayo Coco Island

Keokoku Island

Is famous for this The island Scuba diving, this island is located on the northern coast of Cuba

And this is considered The island As a nature reserve of UNESCO's biosphere reserve

It is made up of eleven different parts of coastal forests and mangrove forests that evoke coral reefs.

And it is surrounded by two wonderful national parks, such as the wonderful contain, for example, Santa Maria.

It also has two shelters for wild animals, as well as it contains thirty-five different archaeological sites

And caves with wall paintings and original country art. And this area is considered

One of the best diving spots in the Caribbean Sea at all.

  • Havana


It is a vibrant and cultural hotspot Characterized by the fact that most of its inhabitants have a wide cultural realm

What distinguishes it from other cities is that its squares are crowded with American cars

It is surrounded by a number of distinctive buildings with wonderful architecture that makes you feel as if you were in Europe.

  • Dinosaurs park

Dinosaurs park

It is located in the east of the country near the city of Santiago de Cuba, and there are many tropical forests, cloud forests, coastal areas and caves that include many creatures that are on the verge of extinction, such as bats and spiders. This park also includes many tourist places, which have beautiful performances and views, surrounded by lush tropical plants. And what can most amaze you there is the presence of dozens of dinosaurs carved from stone in a form that indicates the creativity and magnificence of its designers.

  • Zapata National Park

Zapata National Park

This park is located 900 miles southeast of Havana. This park is home to some of the most diverse plants and animals in Cuba, as there can be more than seventy-five species of birds, and thirty-one species of reptiles found there, as well as endemic species such as the Cuban crocodile.

  • City of Cienfuegos

The city of Cienfuegos, Cuba

The distance you travel to reach this city is approximately half an hour or an hour, and this city is located in the west along the coast from the Bay of Pigs, and this city has everything that delights and makes you happy because it is full of art, culture and history, and this city is famous as the pearl of the south in Cuba. There are many things that you can do in this city, even if it is just walking on foot, this will help you feel happy. The strange thing about this city is the control of the European feeling, thanks to the wonderful architecture in the country.

  • City of Vinales

City of Vinales

This city has a great impact on the rest of the country because it is considered the source of tobacco, and organic agriculture is widespread.

Here are some instructions that you should take care of if you intend Tourism in Cuba. You must travel through a tourist company, as it will provide you with some Cuban adventures and will save you time that can be wasted waiting for the bus because transportation is almost non-existent in Cuba, as traveling to Cuba differs from traveling to the rest of the world, so you must before traveling That you take some vaccinations before travel and these vaccinations are compulsory to obtain a travel visa and be two weeks before travel, but this period is not enough, so you must take these vaccinations before travel for a period of not less than two months because there are many diseases spread in Cuba that are transmitted through sneezing and coughing. .

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