Visit the Austrian countryside

Visit the Austrian countryside


Visiting the Austrian countryside is a country that is not bounded by the sea in any direction

If you are on a honeymoon or a family vacation, you and your families want a country that has a green, rural character

The right choice is for you Austrian countryside The beautiful Pacific between the fields of citrus and fruits and the mountains separated by fresh lakes

And you enjoy seeing animals in the natural farms grazing from the goodness of nature.

الريف النمساوي

Austrian countryside

There are many villages and cities in Austria where there is a beautiful rural character between its valleys, lakes and fields

And in this article, here is a group of important places that you will be surprised by their beauty when you see them in the Austrian countryside.

St Gilgen

St Gilgen

It is a city with an archaeological character in the buildings in it, which date back to the time of the Middle Ages

It was taken by the notables of Austria in the nineteenth century to build the palaces of the wealthy

In the past, it was the most preferred city because of its natural charm and beauty and the green mountains in which the natural plants appear on its peaks

It is the most beautiful city in the Austrian countryside, where mountain life appears in the charm and purity of nature.

It provides a very wonderful atmosphere and is suitable in summer for everyone who wants to spend a nice time in it, swim in its sparkling waters and ride the cable car

And seeing the mountains from above and seeing the wonderful lake in it, which is bordered by trees, is a very beautiful view.



It is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in the Austrian countryside, in which the archaeological character appears in the luxurious and sophisticated buildings

And high-end palaces that represent a civilized interface for tourism in Austria. Along with its streets built on the foundations of wonderful Austrian architecture

And the exciting castle that you can see while coming from far away.

There are also museums that have relics dating back to the European Renaissance

All this in addition to the fact that Salzburg has a very charming nature that you can see while riding the cable car

And you see the mountains clear in the open air. It also has beautiful gardens and a zoo designed on a very wonderful system that serves visitors

In an enjoyable view of the animals, there are a number of restaurants inside and a children's amusement park.



It is a beautiful winter city with colorful buildings that take the old system but are modern

They were all built after World War II. It has a very cold nature, so if you like to slide across the ice, you have to do it, as it represents the frozen Austrian countryside in winter

Many prefer it to experience the winter nature of the enchanting forests and watch the trees falling on white snow.

But always make sure to wear heavy clothes and gloves to prevent the freezing cold in them to enjoy in safety.

Tourist places in Austria



Although it is the smallest city in the Austrian countryside in size, it has very impressive features and is rich in all recreational tourism activities in its charming nature.

In it, international celebrations and exhibitions are held every year, and young people are qualified to present their artistic and cultural ideas in publishing their exhibits.

Although it is very well known in the cultural tourism field, its nature is enough to tell about itself in the very exciting winter snow

And the view of the branches of trees from which you can see nothing but wood only and on them are frozen dew points and you find wonderful wooden huts

It is suitable for honeymoon holidays in a quiet romantic atmosphere.




Located on the border between Italy and Austria, the best time to visit is summer.

It is the warm city among the Austrian countryside, and in it you can enjoy the outdoors in the existing gardens, its pure water, and its beautiful streets full of cafes, restaurants and lounges for visitors.



It is a very beautiful area located on the bank of the Danube River

The fields have a beautiful gradation of colors, and the old buildings are visible in them

And it has many castles and museums that include rare relics of Austria, it is a beautiful area and suitable for family trips.

الطبيعة في النمسا

There is nothing better than the Austrian countryside, suitable for you and your family to spend the most memorable times

It is a place that all families prefer in summer and winter

If you love nature, greenery and flowering places in the middle of gardens, then this is the place for you.


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