Chill out: the coolest summer vacation spots in Turkey

Chill out: the coolest summer vacation spots in Turkey


The coldest in Turkey is during the summer vacation

You may want to enjoy visiting Turkey, and relax more in the cold weather

As well as discovering a lot of history and nature, and indeed the Black Sea region

أكثر Cooler During the summer months compared to the southern coast of Turkey

Temperatures range from 20 ° C during the day to 10 ° C in the evening

And unlike the Turkish Riviera, focusing on travel to the Black Sea is also a great opportunity to discover wonderful nature

And historical sites in the region.


محتوى Subject

  • While Following Four Destinations A wonderful in Area the sea the black Must , Be on Your list when youYour trip To Turkey:
  • monastery Sumela in Trabzon
  • Rize
  • Polo Abant
  • Amasra on the sea the black

Here are four great destinations in the Black Sea region that should be on your list during your trip to Turkey:

Sumela Monastery in Trabzon

Trabzon is the largest and most important city in the Black Sea region, stretching across the northeast from The coast of Turkey

And it boasts a history that stretches back to 700 BC. It was formerly known as Tribezund

And it is currently famous for the splendor of the charming plateaus

And wonderful landscapes with heights with alpine pastures and cool breezes in the Black Sea region

This makes it an ideal retreat to relax in the summer months.

The most important sites to see in Trabzon include; Highlands of Uzungöl region

It is a beautiful coastal town located an hour south of Trabzon, as well as Sumela Monastery in the Pontic Mountains

It dates back 386 years and has reopened to visitors this summer.

In the Pontic Mountains, the Zigana Pass is located, which is a plateau crossed by the traveler Marco Polo, and it served as the gateway to the Karaca Cave in Gumushan, which is one of the most colorful caves in تركيا.

Turul waterfalls and Lake Limni are also great stops to enjoy the lush nature in the area

Add to that the splendor of Uzungöl Lake, which is a great base for exploring the area with plenty of accommodation options.

If you choose to stick near the city center of Trabzon

I recommend staying in Akcaabat, as the Sera Lake Resort Hotel has a lake view.


The Rize region, especially the Camlihemsin region, is famous for its lush green nature and grassy plateaus, including the splendor of the Turkish village of Ayder, an area famous for its thermal springs and characterized by a lot of accommodation options. the summer.

Ghetto heights are a magical destination to enjoy the splendor of the calm summer atmosphere in the embrace of nature, so it is no wonder that many tourists around the world go to it to enjoy an enjoyable time with unparalleled ways of relaxation.

If you want to eat in an unforgettable view, head to the Plato'da Mola Restaurant in Bukit Heights, which is an open-air restaurant in the area with a breathtaking view of the Varatina River and the Ketchkar Mountains, which are famous for their picturesque rural charm.

Polo Abant

Due to its proximity to major cities in Istanbul and Ankara, Lake Abant is a wonderful getaway with comfortable accommodation options, and it can also serve as a base for discovering the larger area, such as the cities of Bolu and Douz, in addition to being surrounded by forests with a wide range of plants and animals.

To stay near the lake see the Büyük Abant Hotel; In addition, the Abant Lotus Hotel is a stylish option located halfway to Duzce, a popular area for canoeing and accommodation options that focus on outdoor sports, such as camping and bungalows.

Amasra on the Black Sea

For many who have visited it, the small town of Amasra on the Black Sea is their favorite تركياAmasra is located in the county of Bartin overlooking the Black Sea on the peninsula with two bays and an island connected by a Roman bridge, and it is an amazing city and feels isolated from the outside world, making it a wonderful haven to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are beachfront hotels, like the luxury Northdoor Hotel, or converted townhouse accommodation options like Doğa Butik Hotel. .

Amasra is an excellent base for discovering Safranblu, a picturesque and beloved city in its own right, known as the capital of saffron in Turkey, and is also famous among visitors for its unique architecture of timber-framed villas, many of which have also been converted into boutique hotels. The city itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Center. Meanwhile, the nearby Yangi Forest is a great area for walking and hiking.

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