Tips you must follow when traveling to Azerbaijan

Tips you must follow when traveling to Azerbaijan


Traveling to Azerbaijan

Have you ever thought about Traveling to Azerbaijan? Just thinking about it is a pattern of happiness in itself

As Azerbaijan is a mixture of Turkish, Russian and Persian civilizations

Which gives it a special spirit and that is why it has become the focus of attention of many tourists

Here are tips you should follow when traveling to Azerbaijan

Before traveling to Azerbaijan It should be borne in mind that the local population has a special style of dealing

Tourists must learn about their traditions, which they greatly respect and revere

So that a clash of civilizations does not happen between the tourists and the local population.

Today we will devote this article to introducing the most important tourist The things And information Which one should be aware of before traveling to Azerbaijan.

السفر الى اذربيجان

Tips before traveling to Azerbaijan

Registration in the government immigration service:

If your tourist trip is in Azerbaijan It will increase over the ten day period

Then you must log in with the government immigration department, to protect your safety.

Be aware that if you do not take this step, the hotel in which you will stay will usually do this step for you.

It is a very easy step, as you can register online in a few minutes.

Safety in Azerbaijan:

 The people of Azerbaijan are very friendly and try their best to help the tourists.

The place out there is so much cultural mix that you feel happy when you get to know other civilizations

And how it exists side by side without conflict.

But you must pay attention to that, regardless of the level of security in any A tourist destination You mean

You must be careful and cautious throughout your tourist trip in anticipation of any danger that may face you

This also applies to tourism in Azerbaijan, where there is definitely no absolute safety.

Stay away from making any political opinions :

 Do not talk badly about internal politics in Azerbaijan or its internal problems

Although it is a friendly people, they receive visitors very warmly

Except that they are extremely provocative if you complain about anything inside

The locals, upon hearing any complaints from the tourists, feel that the visitor is arrogant and therefore do not offer him the greeting or the usual duty.

The people have great love and loyalty to their country and what they hate most is that any tourist talk inappropriately about their country.

Women red streak:

When traveling to Azerbaijan, be aware that women in Azerbaijan are a red line that should not be approached

In Azerbaijan, men greatly value women, to the point of sanctification

That is why tourists should walk on this path and not get in the way of any of the soft sex there

You find that women in Azerbaijan have priority in everything, even on public transportation.

Taxi in Azerbaijan:

Taking a taxi from Azerbaijan airport is not easy at the airport

The trip from the airport to the capital costs a lot of money and you must have a credit card

As the taxi is there, it is famous for its black color, which makes you feel like you are in London

But it is very expensive. That is why the easiest and easiest way is to take the Airport Express, which runs every half hour

And it takes you directly to the capital, Baku, near the subway station.

Maintain hygiene:

If you take a tour of the capital, Baku, the streets will sparkle with cleanliness.

If you tour the city streets, you will find that there are a lot of garbage bins.

That is why we advise you not to be reckless and throw any paper in the street, otherwise you will expose yourself to severe danger, as this act is not just a violation, but rather it reaches the level of forbidden

And according to the culture of the whole country, this important rule will be observed in the capital, Baku

But in rural areas and domestic markets the rule is turning quite the opposite.

Hostility towards Armenia:

Since there is a big difference between the two countries, the mere presence of anything pointing from afar or near to Armenia, this puts you in a big dilemma.

Just having an Armenian stamp in your passport makes you go directly to the Azerbaijani investigation authority for interrogation by immigration officials.

Even merchants who bring goods from Armenia are in many cases banned from entering Azerbaijan.

That is why we advise you when traveling to Azerbaijan and in order to be safe you must get rid of anything related to Armenia

Gifts in Azerbaijan:

If someone gives you a gift, you should not accept it the first time.

All you have to do is reject it the first time and the second and then accept it on the third offer.

This may be strange and unfamiliar to many of the customs and traditions of other countries

But this is the etiquette of accepting gifts and gifts when traveling to Azerbaijan.

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