Tourism in Trieste, Italy, and the most beautiful tourist places worth visiting


Tourism in Trieste, Italy, and the most beautiful tourist places worth visiting


Tourism in Trieste, Italy is a beautiful Italian city located on the border with Slovenia

And you probably haven't heard of it before, it may not be very popular

As is the case with Venice, Rome, Florence, Naples, Cinque Terre and Verona

But it still has many beautiful places, enchanting landmarks and great reasons to visit.

Although it is located in the far eastern tip of Italy, opposite Venice across the Adriatic Sea

However, this coastal city is brimming with things to see and do

As the capital of the Friuli-Venezia region, Trieste is one of the largest cities in Italy

It is also one of the wealthiest cities due to its huge port and maritime transport industry

Which was developed on a large scale after World War II.

Trieste has a mixture of many different cultures, and no wonder it has been occupied throughout history by the Romans

Habsburg, German and allied forces before officially joining Italy in 1954

But Trieste still offers a unique style, culture and history somewhat different from the rest of the country

Surprisingly, this mixture of history and heritage brings with it a sense of independence that differs from the rest of Italy

It is therefore not surprising that Trieste is now claiming its independence, independent of Italy.

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The most beautiful tourist places in Trieste

Unita di Italia square

If you are looking for a great place to start exploring Trieste, we recommend you to visit Piazza del Onetta di Italia, which is located in the foreground of the historic city and has many charming restaurants and cafes with stunning views of the magical sights.

The Trieste Town Hall takes center stage in the Grand Trieste Square, with other government buildings flanking either side of the building, each with a stunning architectural design, reminiscent of Austrian architecture especially in Vienna. You will also find many wonderful monuments and statues scattered around the square, most notably the two iron pillars that lead you to the entrance to the square.

It is said that this square is the largest coastal square in Europe and was commissioned by Maria Theresa of Austria during the era of the most prosperous Austria, who realized the importance of the port, considering it the only port of the Habsburg Empire, and therefore, it invested heavily in the design of that square.

Mulu Odas waterfront

Fortunately, the harbor full of cranes is actually a little further away and not directly in front of Trieste, so there are some great parks to enjoy the coastal scenery, and Molo Odas is one of the most popular places to enjoy the waterfront, a stone quay that extends 300 meters into the Adriatic Sea, and is spread out over The length of the Corniche is a group of seats, where the visitor can relax and spend the afternoon among the most wonderful scenes.

Trieste Grand Canal

A short walk east from the main square, you will see one of the most beautiful areas of Trieste city center, the Trica Canal, which dates back to the XNUMXth century when ships used it to unload their cargo.

You can walk around the canal, and enjoy eating many traditional Italian dishes between restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating, tempting you to enjoy pizza or pasta under the sun.

Roman theater in Trieste

Trieste has a long history with archaeological remains from a bygone era, and you can discover this through a group of wonderful historical monuments, the Roman amphitheater which is located in the center of the historic old city and is still preserved to some extent considering the fact that it was built in the first century AD !

Castillo de San Giusto

There is no shortage of castles in Europe of all shapes and sizes, and Trieste is no exception, as it has a beautiful castle located on a hill overlooking the city, near Trieste Cathedral and the Romanian Furnace Church.

The castle was built by the Habsburgs in the fifteenth century to protect the city from the Venetians, but it was not exposed to any activity, and thus it has been well preserved, standing always guarding the city and now housing some museums and military weapon exhibitions.

Vienna style cafes in Trieste

Trieste is noted to have some of the best coffee in Italy, thanks in part to Austrian influences. So, for those looking for the best coffee towns in Europe, Viennese-style cafés can be found all over Trieste.

Castillo de Miramare

Castillo de Miramare is located just 8 kilometers outside Trieste. Built by Archduke Maximilian of Austria between 1855 and 1860, the white stone façade of the castle was built with stunning views of the splendor of deep blue waters and boasts English and Italian-style gardens. So, it is no wonder that this cliffside castle above the sea is one of Trieste's main attractions.

Due to the castle's location, it is a great place to enjoy spectacular sunsets, so when visiting during this time of day you usually find more huge tourist crowds.

Museo del Mare (Maritime Museum)

Ship models, many of which are works of art in their own right, form a large part of the Museo del Mari's most impressive collection, which focuses on sailing ships in the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Seas, as well as fishing boats through the ages. Along with beautifully crafted models of sailing ships and intricately detailed models of some of the most iconic cruise ships in history.

Eat in town

The best way to experience the intermingling of cultures in Trieste is to discover its delicious cuisine, where alongside traditional Italian dishes you will find traditional Trieste dishes, as well as Eastern European ingredients not found in the rest of Italy, such as cabbage, crane, radish and goulash.

Get to Trieste

If you are looking for an easy day trip from Venice, Trieste is about two hours east and can easily be added to any itinerary during tourism in إيطالياFrom Trieste, you can also take a simple 15-hour and XNUMX-minute drive from Ljubljana.

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