The Republic of Montenegro is the European jewel

 The Republic of Montenegro is the European jewel


The Republic of Montenegro, or as it is known as “ Montenegro"

It is a country located on the Adriatic Sea in the Balkans

Despite its splendor, it was not very popular in tourism

Therefore, it is one of the quiet tourist destinations that you can choose to spend your next holiday

For a quiet vacation and to enjoy more relaxation and relaxation in a quiet and picturesque nature.

Do not forget the Republic of Montenegro visa

Explore the Montenegrin, or the Republic of Montenegrin, the yet-to-be-discovered European jewel with this report!

جمهورية الجبل الأسود

The best time to visit Montenegro, or “Montenegro”, is between April and September

Where weather and climate is mutually exclusive. The Republic of Montenegro is located on the borders of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the north

And on the borders of Serbia to the northeast, Kosovo to the east, and Albania to the south

On the western side, it overlooks the Adriatic Sea

The country is rich in its culture, each city has its own story

So when you decide to tourism in the Republic of Montenegro, it will be very difficult to decide where to go and what to see?

Therefore, through the following lines, we will review with you a set of the most beautiful tourist attractions and activities that you can put in your tourism program when traveling and tourism in the Republic of Montenegro:

Tourism in Montenegro

The city of Kotor

Kotor الجبل الاسود

Kotor is a charming coastal city, and it attracts numbers of tourists from all over the world, and the reason for this is more due to its age, which is almost 2000 years old! It is really a rich and wonderful city. It is set in a unique surreal setting on Buka Bay. Kotor tells a lot of ancient myths and some amazing stories, surrounded by dark mountains. Characterized by its cobbled streets, we suggest that you visit this beautiful city and do not forget your camera to capture the most amazing pictures there.

Budva village

قرية بودفا  Budva

It is a beautiful village in Montenegro that we suggest you visit, and as it is the busiest tourist destination in Montenegro, Budva is definitely a city that should be on the list of every traveler to Montenegro. The ancient village of Budva is a Venetian labyrinth with cobbled streets, on which an ancient castle dating back to the fifteenth century rest.

Budva is one of the tourist places that get crowded in the summer months, with beautiful and well-equipped beaches in an unforgettable atmosphere. There you will find excellent hotels, villas and serviced apartments that attract tourists to spend their vacation there. And due to its good location, you can travel to any other place in Budva in a relatively short period, allowing you to visit more tourist places during your vacation easily.

You can eat breakfast somewhere on the Riviera of Budva, and swim along the coast. Budva also has some of the most popular beaches among tourists, including “Mogren Beach, Béici, Soft Sands, Jazz, Trasteno, Sveti Stefan, Budva”. You can also enjoy your lunch in the "lovcen" National Park or Lake Skadar, and finally you can visit the famous "durmitor" National Park.

 Montenegro hotels

Island and Resort Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan is a small island, resort and 5-star hotel on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. And one of the most famous and prestigious places in Montenegro at all. Sveti Stefan “St. Stephen” is located just 15 minutes from Budva. The small island of Sveti Stefan is located directly off the coast of Montenegro, and it was previously a fishing village, but today it has become a luxury resort fully prepared to meet all your needs during your tourist holiday in Montenegro.

The island itself is very small and connected to the mainland only by a narrow bridge. There is a group of stone houses located on top of the rocks, but they are built in a secure and sealed manner. Guests who come to the resort can stay in either one of the single rooms, or choose one of the entire private villas with private pools and terraces that offer wonderful views of the sea. The island is a perfect blend of rustic style and sleek modern architecture. The Aman Sveti Stefan Resort also offers two swimming pools open to all guests, a spa with a swimming pool, a gym and many restaurants that are considered among the finest "Montenegro" restaurants. You will also need a Montenegro visa.

These were 3 of the most beautiful places that we suggest you visit during your tourist holiday in Montenegro, and we wish you an enjoyable tourist vacation.

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