Tourism in Georgia and the most important tourist places in it


Tourism in Georgia and the most important tourist places in it


Prepare Georgia Of the countries that are distinguished by their charming nature and natural resources that motivate travelers to go to them

In this topic we are talking about tourism in Georgia And about the most important landmarks and tourist places that can be visited and enjoyed

For all travelers who wish to travel to it

As Georgia has a lot of tourist attractions because it contains historical monuments and monuments

It goes back to the ancient civilizations that dominated it in the ancient time

As it still includes the remains of its antiquities and in its cities or colonies that were built many centuries ago

The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi, the largest city in the republic, with a population of about one million and 345,000 people.

A Brief History of Georgia

Georgia is one of the republics of the former Soviet Union

Georgia was named by that name after Saint George, a Christian saint

Known as an intercessor for many of the countries and peoples of the Christian world

It was originally a Christian kingdom contested and conquered by the Persians, Romans, Turks and Arabs

Until it was annexed by Russia in 1801, after the First World War, Georgia was declared a socialist republic

Until it turned into a communist republic after the communist forces invaded its lands

He declared its independence in 1918, to be occupied by the Red Army in 1921, and became part of the Soviet Union

The Georgian Republic gained independence in 1991 and its official parliament was declared

And then the countries of South Ossetia and Abkhazia split from it

To join Russia, to become two independent states from the Georgian Republic, with the support of Russian forces in that matter

Which increased tension between Georgia and Russia after independence

This is to accuse Georgia of Russia's support for the separatists, especially after the increasing influence of Russian loyalists in the Abkhazia region.

Map of Georgia


Lake Ritsa

Lake Ritsa is one of the most prominent places Tourist in Georgia Tourist attractions located in the city of Abkhazia in the north

Lake Ritsa surrounded by mountains and water saturated with green and blue colors, which contains trout fish.

Lake Ritsa is one of the Ritsa Nature Reserve, and it is the deepest lake in the Georgian Republic, with a depth of 117 meters

Summer is the best time to visit the lake, as the weather is cool there, and it is a beautiful place for picnicking, fishing and tours of its boats available for tourism.

Narikala Fortress

Narikala Fortress or Fortress is one of the most important and prominent tourist attractions in Georgia that many tourists visit, and it is one of the most important archaeological sites in the Georgian Republic

And the second region with the highest percentage of tourist attraction at the regional level in the Republic

Narikala Fortress is located on a hill overlooking the city and the Matkavari River

This castle was built in the fourth century AD with the aim of protecting the city from any enemy attack

Despite a devastating earthquake in 1827, it was able to demolish part of this castle, but the walls and walls surrounding it were still standing to this day.

The famous boulevard park in Batumi Boulevard

Batumi is one of the most beautiful cities Georgia At all, which must be among the most important tourist places in Georgia

It is a coastal city overlooking the Black Sea, famous for its pleasant climate

As well as containing contemporary architecture in its buildings and a number of charming beaches

As for the Boulevard Park, it represents the most important Batumi Gardens, extending along the sea shore

It is surrounded on the sides by gardens and palm trees in a wonderful view

This park is considered one of the summer nights in the city

It is a public place where people enjoy hiking, jogging, and cycling

And see the mesmerizing landscapes, and take pictures that remind you of the most beautiful times.

Aerial Tramway in Tbilisi

This air tram is one of the modern means of transportation that was opened in Tbilisi in 2012

I stay high above the old town

To facilitate the process of moving from Rike Park to Narikala Fortress in two minutes

You can also visit the Botanical Gardens and the memorial Kartlis Deda, which has become a symbol of the capital city of Tbilisi.

Tram transfer makes the journey easier and faster as well as provides you with wonderful views of the Metcfari River and the old town.

Mount Kazbek

It represents Mount Kazbek, meaning the snow mountain, which is part of the beautiful, God-given mountainous nature of Georgia

It is located in the far north of the country on the border between the Georgian Republic and Russia, at the Caucasus Mountains

The mountain is widely known among tourists and climbers because it is the highest peak in the region that allows you to see the most beautiful views of the charming nature from above. .

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

One of the important architectural buildings in the Georgian Republic

It was built in the fourth century in Meskheta, a historic city located near Tbilisi, the capital

Until its current rebuilding was rebuilt in the 11th century

Its internal walls contained remnants of symbols and frescoes, as well as decorated stone

The cathedral was subjected to many attacks by the Persians, the Arabs

And the Russians, in addition to earthquakes, and the fame of this cathedral is not only an important place of Christian worship

But also to include its name in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites that contain global sites of natural and cultural importance.

  • Tusheti National Park

This national park is located below the northern edges of the Greater Caucasus Mountains and on the doorstep of Russia and Chechnya, and it is a wonderful place to take a breath and feel peace and submissiveness.

The park is largely made up of high peaks and grassy hills and there are few roads in the distance and there are villages that can be easily found.

They are located in the midst of the foggy historical mountain tops. These villages were built of mud brick and this is something that can be noticed very quickly

And it also includes sheep farms in rural areas, which are famous for making wool and cheese, in addition to the presence of large areas of coniferous forests.


Tbilisi city

Tbilisi is the capital of the country and it is the nerve that moves Georgia towards modernity and progress. It is also a historically ancient city rich in culture and history.

Which makes it a great place to explore the balance and contrast also between old and new

The city stretches along the hills that wind around the banks of the Mtkvari River

The old quarter of the city forms the heart of it and has a mixture of mysterious Byzantine churches with wooden terraces

Sometimes one of them includes some art nouveau and there are huge slopes in the old quarter

It also contains a number of beautiful fountains and picturesque public gardens suitable for relaxing and getting some fresh air.

Borjomi city

Borjomi is known as the best source of water in the country, as it contains both fresh and salt water

This made it a favorite city in the past for Soviet masters. Today, the city has much more to offer tourists than water and volcanic springs.

The Russian imperial architecture distinguishes it a lot, the city is located in a wonderful location among the hills of the Borjomi strait and is full of fountains, grassy meadows and gardens.

You may notice that not only is an area without a fountain or a beautiful garden

The city also includes primitive forests filled with tales and legends of darkness and monastic massacres from the Middle Ages.

All this might make you feel like you are in a fictional legend movie.

Caves of Vardzia

The caves of Vardzia are very delicate carvings and cuts in the faces of the sand rocks that rise like phalanges in front of a river Mtkvari In the Georgian deep south

And these caves remain one of the most exciting and attractive tourist attractions in the country

Estimates and speculations indicate that there are various levels of compact churches, caves and shrines there that have been inhabited at least since the middle of the twelfth century.

It is believed that ancient kings commissioned workers to build these magnificent caves

You can also wander around and see the existing churches and their styles of Eastern, Byzantine and Roman alike

Gudauri Resort

The Godwari Resort is a two thousand meters of low valleys that have carved their way through the heart of the Caucasus mountain range on the edge of the north of the country

The city has developed a lot in recent years to cement its position as one of the main winter sports destinations in the country

It is a wonderful alternative to the crowded alpine ski fields

Skiers here can enjoy snowboarding on twenty-two kilometers of steps

And without the hustle and bustle and the season it works very well

In April and recently, the country invested large sums and made new investments to modernize, renovate and speed up elevators there

This resort has been rated one of the best in the world.


Museum Upplistsikhe For history

This history museum is located alone on the hills of Shida Kartli and is believed to have been one of the major political and economic centers of the Kartli kingdom.

Which dominated the Caucasus strongholds. Today, visitors and tourists who come here can explore an organic outcrop of beige and brown hills.

And also wandering through a series of dwellings compacted in caves and staircases that are wrapped and dug deep into the rocks

Also located on the site is a somewhat outdated cathedral dating back to the XNUMXth century.


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