The most beautiful 7 charming beaches of Azerbaijan

 The most beautiful 7 charming beaches of Azerbaijan


The most beautiful 7 charming beaches of Azerbaijan The Republic of Azerbaijan is one of the countries that enjoys geographical diversity and diversity in terrain

This is what makes it a country with a temperate climate throughout the world

Because of this diversity and temperate climate, this helped increase tourism in Azerbaijan

Learn through this report the 7 most beautiful and charming beaches of Azerbaijan.

The most characteristic of the Republic of Azerbaijan is its location on the coast of the Caspian Sea

This coast gives Azerbaijan a special charm and charm

The Caspian Sea extends hundreds of kilometers from the Republic Azerbaijan

But unfortunately, the Caspian Sea faced a number of problems, the most prominent of which was the oil pollution that hit it.

Because of the oil pollution, this has limited the number of beaches in the area Azerbaijan

But this matter did not reach all shores Azerbaijan, There are a large number of distinctive beaches that have charm and beauty

Here are 7 of 7 of the most beautiful and charming beaches of Azerbaijan.

The most beautiful beaches of Azerbaijan

1- Bilgah Beach

شاطئ Bilgah

The beach is considered One of the best beaches Azerbaijan

The beach stretches for a great distance and is located on the northeastern tip of the Absheron Peninsula

The beach is about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Baku, so it is difficult to reach without transportation

Beach Bilgah It has a special beauty, the beach contains a number of clubs and cafes

It also gives the beach freedom to enter without paying money. The beach provides you with all amenities and relaxation, do not miss a visit.

2- Shikhov Beach

شاطئ Shikhov

Some tourists do not like to rent a car to enable him to get around the city

Beach It is considered a suitable place for these visitors, it can be reached by taking a 15-minute bus ride

This bus is accessed from Baku city center and the bus number is 125

It features a beach Shikhov It is clean and provides visitors with all amenities of umbrellas and chairs.

3- Amburan Beach Club

Amburan Club

If you are planning to visit Baku and want to relax on the sands of one of the beaches

The best beach to resort to is that beach

The beach is an ideal place to get rest and tranquility while providing all the entertainment.

The beach includes a number of swimming pools, cafes and restaurants

In addition to having a charming winter garden

It also hires Beach Club Water sport equipment including canoes and jet skis as well

Do not miss visiting the beach to enjoy a special time.

For hotel reservation

4- Beaches of the Absheron Peninsula

Absheron Peninsula Beaches

The beaches of the Absheron Peninsula extend to the north and east of Baku, and there is Berlahi Island on the eastern tip

While driving along the coast you will find a lot of beaches, each beach is distinct from the other beach

In addition to the endless clubs, cafes and restaurants

There are also a number of hotels and resorts, the area has a special charm and beauty, and it is worth a visit.

5- Pirsagi Beach


The beach is located in the north of Absheron, the ancient city of Persagi offers a large number of golden sandy beaches and seaside resorts

You can take a stroll, choose one of the public beaches, relax near the clean water, and listen to the sound of the gentle waves.

Or, you can head to one of the private beach clubs for a more luxurious experience

And access to all amenities in addition to other amenities

The wealthy in Baku own summer homes along this coastline.

6- Nabran Beach

شاطئ Nabran

For lovers of recreation and isolation from the city noise, this beach is for you

It is the most secluded beach Azerbaijan، يقع Nabran Kilometers from the border of Dagestan in the north

It is considered one of the cleanest waters and beaches in the country, and the coastal resort attracts local tourists from all over the country because of the comfort and tranquility it provides. 

The beach is characterized by the presence of forest areas behind it, which adds a special charm to it, as there are a number of luxurious five-star hotels and resorts.

7- Lankaran Beach

شاطئ Lankaran

The beach is one of the most distinctive beaches of Azerbaijan. It is about four hours from Lankaran Beach from Baku

The beach owns a number of hotels and resorts that provide comfort and relaxation

But in order to get clean water to be able to swim, you have to go kilometers up or down the coast.

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