Wonderful tree resort in Bali

Wonderful tree resort in Bali


Tree resort Wonderful is a lifestyle in every sense of the word, as it is distinguished by its picturesque nature

Just a boat tour to make you feel the real pleasure. This tourist resort features beautiful beaches and restaurants

It also contains many features, including: a private swimming pool, a jacuzzi to relax in the middle of the tropical forest airport and watch the monkeys above you on the trees

There are a lot of birds and butterflies and the sound of the river is really amazing

The trip to this tourist resort should pass through the mountains and the coffee plantations

Walk along the beach and see palm oil fields.

There are also some small villages along the path to the beach that make you feel the wonderful country atmosphere

There are also many local arts and crafts.

Shaded boat tours are among the special activities at this resort

Sea riding, kayaking, as well as a distinctive butterfly farm.



Tree resort

And one of the most important areas that are also suitable for housing and that distinguish an island Bali
Tree Resort and Hotel, which is one of the important tourist areas that Bali Island is proud of
And the name has been released Tree resort On this resort or name Tree House Like what some say on the island of Bali
Because it contains stunning nature and an amazing natural environment
It also has some boat tours that give you a spirit of fun and harmony
And you are in the middle of the water and around you how wonderful nature and the wonderful smell of the sea that gives you a lot of relaxation and optimism
It also contains the most magnificent and beautiful beaches, which are characterized by soft white sand, which is characteristic of the island of Bali
It also contains some beautiful restaurants that offer delicious food
This resort also contains the tree resort on the tenderness of the resort's swimming pool
And a special center for jacuzzi, massages and massages for relaxation, relieving tension and eliminating anxiety and insomnia
As it is located in the heart of the airport tropical forests
And which includes some wonderful animals, the most important of which are monkeys that move from above trees
And some wonderful and wonderful types of birds and butterflies.

Instagram: TREE HOUSE Green Village

This resort also includes a wonderful river running alongside it
And within the existing trip, which you make by boat, where you can pass through the existing mountains
And next to the coffee farms, which this region is famous for its cultivation
In addition to walking on the beaches, where there are some farms that grow palm oil
It is also worth noting that this resort overlooks some villages from its beach on the other side, which gives you a feeling of wonderful country life
And one of the most important practices and activities that can be practiced inside the resort is to participate in shade boat trips
And a surfing activity using a distinctive wooden plank
It is also possible to go canoeing and enjoy watching the famous Butterfly Farm.

Tree resort

It is also worth noting that this resort has won the title of the most famous Indonesian places, which contain the largest possible number of tourists from all over the world due to its wonderful nature and that was in 2013 AD, and it also provides a lot of The facilities that it provides in the procedures for many family tourists, as it contains the best restaurants that offer various types of local and international dishes.

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