The most famous 19 shopping centers in Azerbaijan

 The most famous 19 shopping centers in Azerbaijan


Shopping centers in Azerbaijan, the Republic of Azerbaijan is one of the tourist countries that attract a large number of tourists and visitors annually

If you are planning to travel and tourism in Azerbaijan, then definitely shopping is one of your plans in your tourism program there

Here are the 19 most famous shopping centers in Azerbaijan in this report

The government of Azerbaijan is constantly developing shopping centers and commercial centers to give tourists the best experience when shopping in Azerbaijan

And buy souvenirs. You will find it on the streets And cities Azerbaijan has an excellent variety of shopping centers

It includes centers for clothes, books, food and gifts

And a lot of malls that make shopping in Azerbaijan very interesting.

التسوق في اذربيجان

Shopping in Azerbaijan

Below you will find the names of 19 of the most famous shopping centers in Azerbaijan

You can shop for it to meet your various needs, including:

1- Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana

One of the best shopping places in Azerbaijan, it is a place that displays the best fashion and accessories

For many years prior it was the place Karavan Jazz Club It was a jazz theater located in Baku

Years later, the place was redesigned into a multi-store chain fashion store, and the place became a symbol of the city's development.

2- Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols

One of the largest stores in the city of Baku, this branch is considered a London mall, and the store has its stone façade designed to perfection

The store achieves great sales during the weekdays, and this store gives Baku a modern look, making it a European global capital..

3- "Presidential Administration" book store

Presidential Administration

For those who love reading and seeing them head to this store, you will find an entertaining collection of rare literature and novels

In addition to there are postcards and many guidebooks that you can get for free from the tourist information office that helps you get around the city.

hotels near Book Shop of the Presidential Administration

4- Kitab Evi

Kitab Evi

One of the best libraries in Baku, the library contains more than 500 detailed maps of Azerbaijan

You'll also find dated postcards and stamps, plus many free books.

5- Chiraq Books


It is an English language library with a large collection of best-selling classics

It has travel brochures and a souvenir section.

6- Ziya


Zia It is one of the distinctive stores in Baku, but its prices are high and suitable for visitors who prefer to buy clothes and famous brands.

Baku Lamborghini -7

Baku Lamborghini

One of the best stores and galleries to display luxury cars and accessories

The showroom owns luxury branded cars and is suitable for millionaires and the rich.

Bvlgari -8


One of the leading stores in Baku, a branch of the international luxury brand in Italy, specializing in fashion and accessories.

9- Akadem-Kitab

Akadem Kitab

The store has a large collection of books, but most of them are in local languages

If you are fluent in the local Azerbaijani languages ​​and are curious to learn about the culture of the Azerbaijani people and love to read, then this is the place.

10- Ali & Nino Bookhouse

Ali & Nino Bookhouse

The store offers city tourist maps, postcards and a selection of books in English.

11- Rolls Royce

rolls royce baku

Car showroom and you can choose what you want to rent cars throughout your tourist trip in Azerbaijan.

12- Port Baku Mall

Port Baku Mall

This center is considered one of the finest and most famous shopping centers in Baku, the Azerbaijani capital.

13- MUM

TsUM Mall

Also known by its shortened name TsUM It is a joy for a Russian store, which is considered one of the oldest store located in Baku 

. MUM It consists of four floors of shops selling everything from electronics to fashion to wedding dresses, all at reasonable prices.

14- Tourist Bazaar

tourist bazaar

It is considered one of the best tourist bazaars, as it is rich in collectibles to display, in addition to many antique and historical souvenir shops.

15- Grand mart

Grand mart

. Large It is considered one of the music stores, it offers a wide range of Western music

In addition to Azerbaijani and Russian music, it is an excellent center for fans of different music and different cultures..

16-Xəzər Balıqı in Baku

Xəzər Balıqı in Baku

. Xəzər Balıqı It specializes in fish as it sells a range of fresh fish and different types of authentic caviar.

17- Tom Ford mens

Tom Ford mens

"Tom Ford" men's fashion store is considered one of the high-end fashion stores, as it displays classic fashion.

18- Teze Bazar

Teze Bazar

One of the most famous bazaars in Baku, it displays everything from pottery, as well as metalwork and woven carpets at reasonable prices.

19- Citimart Supermarket

citimart supermarket

It is considered one of the oldest supermarkets in Baku, offering the best imported products to expats at reasonable prices.

This was a list of the most famous shopping malls in Azerbaijan, and we wish you a pleasant holiday.


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