Tourist program and daily schedule to visit Los Angeles

Tourist program and daily schedule to visit Los Angeles


لوس انجلوس


Los Angeles is called LA for short, it is the largest city in California and is located in the west of the United States of America

It is the second most populous city in the United States after New York City

Los Angeles' beaches overlooking the Pacific Ocean extend across the bays of Santa Monica and San Pedro, making it the third city in the world in terms of sandy coastlines after Rio de Janeiro and Perth.

Indeed, it is a state, not a city, and it may be larger than some countries and not a city, and it is the richest city in America

Its income matches the budget of several Arab countries combined, and each area of ​​Los Angeles is considered an independent city

For example, Hollywood is a different city from Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and South Long Beach

Other areas of the south that I could not visit, and all of them formed with some Los Angeles.

If you want to discover Los Angeles, I think you need at least two weeks.


Day one in Los Angeles:

  • Hollywood Boulevard

Visit Hollywood Boulevard

زيارة شارع Hollywood Boulevard

One of the most beautiful streets in the world and contains a lot of tourist places and places of entertainment, wandering in this vital street is a pleasure.

What's on Hollywood Boulevard:

  1. Believe it or not museum
  2. Wax Museum
  3. You can also visit several studios, such as Warner Bros and Paramount
  4. The Walk of Fame, which is the most famous place on this street, where there is a star for every celebrity
Coordinates: N 34 ° 6.135, W 118 ° 20.069
  • Walk of Fame

Visit the Walk Of Fame

زيارة ممشى المشاهير Walk Of Fame

The Walk of Fame is the most important landmark in Hollywood, and you should visit it and wander through it, as there are more than 1960 stars for famous personalities and the first star was placed in it in XNUMX.

Coordinates: N 34 ° 6.127, W 118 ° 19.975
  • Hollywood Highland Center

Visit Hollywood Highland Center

زيارة مركز Hollywood Highland

A shopping and dining center, which is the best place to see the famous Hollywood painting, you can go up to the second floor to see the painting, and there is parking lot costing $ 2 an hour.

Coordinates: N 34 ° 6.137, W 118 ° 20.42
  • Rodeo Drive Street

Rodeo Drive

شارع روديو درايف Rodeo Drive

The most luxurious area in Beverly Hills, the area is very luxurious and beautiful, and it is best to start your day by visiting Rodeo Drive.

Coordinates: N 34 ° 4.161, W 118 ° 24.219
  • Universal Studio

Visit Universal Studio

يونفيرسال ستوديوز

It is best to dedicate the rest of the day to visiting Universal Studios and spending time there from morning until evening

Coordinates: N34 ° 8.093, W118 ° 21.220

Day three in Los Angeles:

  • Santa Monica

Visit Santa Monica

Santa Monica

A very beautiful coastal area and it is one of the most important places to visit in Los Angeles, there are many tourist places in Santa Monica that can be visited on foot, just park your car here.

Coordinates: N 34 ° 0.549, W 118 ° 29.651
  • Santa Monica Bear

Visit Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier

An entertainment area on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and includes famous games and cabarets that have appeared in many films, and there is also an exhibition of dolphins in the place.

Coordinates: N 34 ° 0.638, W118 ° 29.821
  • Venice Beach

Visit Venice Beach

Venice Beach

A beautiful Santa Monica walk along the Pacific coast, with parades of street actors, places for entertainment and sports parades, and lots of restaurants and markets.

Coordinates: 33 ° 59.676'N, 118 ° 28.836'W

Day four in Los Angeles:

  • A trip to the mansions of celebrities

A trip to the Los Angeles Celebrity Homed mansions

رحلة الى قصور المشاهير و الممثلين Los Angeles Celebrity Homed

There are several companies that take you on trips to see the homes of Hollywood celebrities, the duration of the trip is two hours by bus carrying XNUMX people.

Meeting point Prime Time Hollywood Tours Office


Coordinates: 33 ° 59.676'N, 118 ° 28.836'W

  • Tourist bus tour

The Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour

جولة الباص Hop On Hop Off

There are tickets for a period of 24 - 48 - 72 hours where you can discover Los Angeles completely through the tourist bus, and the bus can be boarded from Hollywood Boulevard, where the bus stops at more than 100 stations.

Coordinates: N 34 ° 6.088, W 118 ° 20.177
  • Griffith Outlook

A visit to the outlook of Garfeth

مطل مرصد غريفث

A beautiful view from which you can see the Los Angeles skyline and you can also see the famous Hollywood painting, you can easily reach it by car.

Coordinates: N 34 ° 7.235, W 118 ° 18.022

Day five in Los Angeles:

  • Sex Flags

Visit Six Flags

سكس فلاغز

A huge and famous game city with many branches spread around the world and located in northern Los Angeles, about an hour's drive


Coordinates: N 34 ° 25.603, W118 ° 35.614
  • Disneyland

Visit Disneyland

ديزني لاند

And it is not recommended to go to it because it is relatively old and Disneyland in Orlando is more beautiful than it, and Six Flags in Los Angeles can be satisfied.


Coordinates: N 33 ° 48.756, W117 ° 55.551
  • The Grove

Visit The Grove

The Grove

A large and very beautiful mall, and it is interesting to wander around as there are many international restaurants.


Coordinates: N 34 ° 4.250, W118 ° 21.513


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