Learn the most important nightlife in Nouakchott

Learn the most important nightlife in Nouakchott


 Do not prevail

Nightlife in Nouakchott La Tissayade is located in a shady courtyard Maison d'Hôtes Jeloua 

It is characterized by providing the most delicious dishes, and daily specials are represented by famous dishes

It is represented by vegetable quiche and a menu of beef, chicken and shrimp


Cafe Tunisia

One of the best coffee shops and good value breakfasts

Such as fresh orange juice, bread and jam

In addition to pastries, yogurt, coffee and a bottle of mineral water.


Fast food restaurants in Nouakchott

Le Prince

Le Prince is the oldest restaurant in Nouakchott

It has been expanded and upgraded and is a solid choice for many types of fast food.


La Palmarai Café and Bakery

It is widely considered the best breakfast spot in town.

Where you can enjoy a crêpe or continental breakfast in the contemporary-style dining room

Or a croissant and other freshly baked pastries

 the National Museum

This museum was established more than four decades ago, and it houses hundreds of pictures and artifacts

In addition to treasures and valuable items that reflect the Mauritanian history

The late President Mukhtar Ould Daddah chose to inaugurate the National Museum in 1972, coinciding with the 12th anniversary of Independence

Its mission is to preserve the historical, cultural and social heritage of Mauritania.


 Olympic football stadium

The country's largest soccer stadium is where locals go jogging in the early evening.

It also makes locals indispensable to crowd control problems for international matches.



It hosts regular classical and traditional concerts.


 The French-Mauritanian Institute

A program for the institute is chosen from many hotels; It is an excellent place

And one of the only places in town to hold concerts by local musicians

Films, art galleries and dance lessons.


 Tent, Nouakchott Mall

Al Khaima Mall offers high quality products at reasonable prices

The stores sell a variety of items

From electronics to international fashion brands. You can walk to the stores

Browse clothing, cookware, home decor and gadgets in an air-conditioned building

And find the perfect present for everyone

Tourist attractions in Nouakchott such as Al Khaima Mall can be a center of vacation plans


Zenart Gallery, Nouakchott

You can enjoy spending time at the Zenart Gallery where there are unique pieces of works by famous African artists.

In addition to photography and paintings

The elegant gallery displays a diverse collection of works

Including wooden boxes and furniture, and all kinds of silver jewelry

And modern and traditional clothes. Several restaurants nearby also serve local cuisine.


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