Information about Albania, get to know before you travel

Information about Albania, get to know before you travel

Albania is one of the countries that gained its independence 104 years ago

Today, it has a great deal of tourism, and Albania is considered one of the wonderful countries that are famous for its charming sea

Its people are also from the people who care a lot about food and its details

It is a wonderful country with a great history among European peoples

You will also find many cultures that are there, but there are Information about AlbaniaNot many people know her

In this report, you have information about Albania that you know about before you travel and tourism in Albania

معلومات عن البانيا

When traveling to Albania, you should be fully aware of the country and the customs and traditions of its wonderful people

There you will find many religions and many tourist places worth visiting

In order to be able to plan your tourism program there well

You must know more about the country before traveling.

The following is the most important information about Albania that you can learn about before backpacking and traveling for tourism in Albania.

Night in Albania:

الليل في البانيا

Usually, when night falls, locals will wander the city streets

But it is not only a hobby or sport, but the townspeople there wander around to join the neighbors and acquaintances

It is also one of the wonderful customs that revitalize the body and strengthen the legs, and you will find these habits in many cities that you will visit in Albania

You can walk and talk to them all night as the streets are never empty of people.

Religion in Albania:

الدين في البانيا

Religion is one of the most important information about Albania that you must know before traveling to any tourist destination.

Religion in Albania is so diverse, there you will find many religions

The Islamic religion is more prevalent, as the majority of Albanians are Muslims, about 70 percent.

Therefore, the Islamic religion is the largest religion in the country.

There are about 17 percent of Christians, so it is the second largest religion there

There are also 17 percent of other religions or atheists.



Among the strangest information about Albania, you will notice that there are many scarecrows found either in the yard of the house, the garden, or even inside a building under construction. The Albanian people believe that these scarecrows protect man from envy, just as the scarecrow can be replaced by a big bear, so you can find that scarecrow or bear hanging in a rope like a noose, and some may think that these things bring good luck to man. There is no need to be confused when you see the birth of anthropomorphic, as it is one of the customs of the Albanian people.

Before traveling to Albania


Driving in the streets of Albania:

القيادة في شوارع البانيا

You have to be careful while driving in Albania, because the Albanian people do not have any driving law that governs them. Suddenly, the car in front of you could turn because the driver decided to go to the other side without any warning. Or you find a pedestrian suddenly crossing the road, as you will find many pets that sleep in the middle of the road.

The highest peak in Albania:

اعلى قمة في البانيا

There are two peaks in Albania, the highest in Albania, with a height of 2700 meters, and they are “Maje e Korabit” or “Golem Korab”, which is this wonderful summit that is located directly on the Macedonian border. This makes this summit the highest peak in both countries, and a large number of tourists visit it every year, but one of the people who enjoy that summit most are lovers of adventure and excitement, there you find beautiful nature and fresh air.

Immigration from Albania:

الهجرة من البانيا

There is a large number of Albanian people outside the country, and they live outside Albania, so Albania is a very quiet country. It is also one of the countries that enjoys great calm and peace, and reports confirm that about ten million Albanians live in all parts of Europe. The countries where Albanians are most present are Kosovo, Greece, Macedonia, and Montenegro. The population living inside is only three million Albanians. If you intend to immigrate to Albania, you must know this information, one of the most important information about Albania.

Bunkers in Albania:

المخابئ في البانيا

When you travel to Albania, you will find a large number of bunkers located inside the land, which were used in the past during the war and occupation. There are about 750.000 caches all over Albania, there are those who used these caches as a historical museum of the country, and there are some that were buried and the rest as it is, but there you will notice that the Albanian people do not like these hideouts because it reminds them of the days of war and isolation.

Through the tourism department in Albania, you can get acquainted with a lot and a lot of information about Albania before you travel and tourism in it, and we wish you an enjoyable tourist holiday.


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