How to confront bacteria and contaminants when staying in a hotel

How to confront bacteria and contaminants when staying in a hotel


When looking for a cleaner Hotels  You must be careful in how to counteract bacteria and pollutants

It has been observed that some unclean things are dangerous to your health

Included cups, remote controls, light switches and faucets should you These give birth to errors

And perhaps most disturbing is bedding, as pathogen tests have discovered that remote controls in hotel rooms have been breeding grounds for thousands of highly infectious bacteria.

Studies have also found that many frequently touched points such as light switches, phones, and faucet handles are rarely cleaned.

And thus become places of disease carrier so how can you dear the passenger Confronting these bacteria and pollutants when staying in a hotel.

You can take a tour And watch the cleanliness of the hotel upon your request


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  • How to encounter bacteria and pollutants when staying in a sun Hotels
  • Not using these free items at the hotel
  • wash your hands !
  •  Disinfect all surfaces
  • Abandon the bed mattress
  • Washing glassware.
  • Clean the bathroom before use
  •  Wear your shoes


How to confront bacteria and contaminants when staying in a hotel

كيف تواجه البكتيريا والملوثات - غرف النوم

Not using these free items at the hotel

Arguably the coffee maker, bedside light switch and telephone

A TV remote control is the third most common thing in a hotel room because all residents use it

And it is safe to assume that the cleaning personnel do not clean them frequently and if they do

You can't be sure that they use a brand new towel or cloth every time.

We know how important a cup of coffee is to start the day. But before you get to the coffee maker

Think about how often you clean your bowl at home. Yes, this is not really done in hotels

Therefore, we recommend that you do not use it in order to protect your health. If you can't, clean the coffee maker in the room with hot water to reduce germs.

Regarding the light switch and the phone, keep an extra box of sterile wipes on hand to wipe their surfaces

This will reduce the spread of germs when you need to access the key or call reception

Another tip is to put the remote control in a plastic bag

That way, you won't have to touch it and you will still be able to access the desired channels.


How to confront bacteria and contaminants when staying in a hotel

wash your hands !

كيف تواجه البكتيريا والملوثات - غسل اليدين


Make sure to wash your hands frequently with warm water and soap during your stay

Antiseptic wipes are a great alternative to cleaning your hands, hotel door knobs, and all the germ-infested things mentioned above.


 Disinfect all surfaces

Use disinfectant wipes or disinfectant spray to clean door and table knobs

And bathroom surfaces, bathrooms, shower faucets, toilet washers, etc.

Abandon the bed mattress

It is well known that bed linen and linen are not frequently cleaned in hotels

But have you ever stopped checking your sheets and bedding for stains of course not

You can clean it yourself. You can put your own mattress, and if you find bed bugs, you might want to ask for another room.

Washing glassware.

The inspectors decided that some hotels do not wash their glassware after each guest's stay

The staff only wipes it, so before using it, wash it with hot, soapy water first

Plus you can always bring your own plastic or paper cups from home.

Clean the bathroom before use

كيف تواجه البكتيريا والملوثات - المغسله

Regardless of whether the bathroom looks and smells clean

It is important to raise the toilet seat with your hands wrapped in a tissue and spray the seat and cover on both sides with a disinfectant spray.

 Wear your shoes

كيف تواجه البكتيريا والملوثات - غرف النوم

Do not walk on the carpet with your feet, instead bring slippers and wear them for the duration of your stay.

Try filling in some extras like an anti-bacterial hand sanitizer and maybe even your mug and pillow.

Grab a rag and add some antibacterial cleanser to it. Wipe all areas of bacterial growth

Such as light switches, TV remotes, door knobs, phones, faucets, and toilet seats

In fact, it can rid you of more than 80 percent of the bad lingering germs.

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