Europe’s best winter destinations this year

Europe’s best winter destinations this year


Winter is indeed one of the best times to travel to Europe, with so many great winter destinations to choose from

As this time of year is a special opportunity to enjoy the splendor of the holiday away from the crowded tourist crowds and exorbitant costs

What are the best destinations in Europe this winter this year ... Join us to learn about them.

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  • Where You travel in أوروبا in winter
  • Best Destinations أوروبا in winter This General
  • Prague ، Republic of Passed
  •  باريس، فرنسا
  • أوروبا in winter
  • Cracow ، Poland
  • Budapest ، المجر
  • Destinations أوروبا in winter
  • Berlin, ألمانيا
  • Vienna, النمسا
  • Bratislava ، Slovakia
  • Gdansk ، Poland
  • Reykjavik ، Iceland
  • Bergen ، Norway
  • Destinations أوروبا in winter 

Where to travel in Europe in the winter

Europe’s best winter destinations this year

Prague, Czech Republic




Prague's Old Town Square is a colorful and fascinating destination.

Add the magic of the New Year's markets and the beautiful mornings that you can enjoy across the Charles Bridge

What makes Prague one of Europe's coolest winter destinations, Prague is also a romantic city

In winter, the splendor of snow fog and the light snowy dust make the cobbled streets look like from a magical fairytale.

 Paris France


Paris in the winter? The answer is yes.

If you want to wander along the Seine and enter Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre without waiting in long lines

Winter is the perfect time to visit Paris

This is the perfect time to dine in a cozy restaurant and enjoy rich French cuisine

Or eat hot chocolate and croissants in one of the many cafes, and indeed Paris is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe in winter

Europe in the winter

Krakow, Poland


It seems as if some cities beautify themselves in winter, Krakow is one of those charming cities, and like many winter destinations in Eastern Europe, Krakow is cheap and offers visitors a lot to see within the city itself as well as on side trips to the nearby salt mines. Krakow is also home to the Schindler Factory, which has turned into one of the best museums I have visited, and showcases the Krakow residents' experience before and during World War II.

The Old Town of Krakow, Poland, turns into a beautiful New Year's Market in December with delicious Polish dishes to try. Don't miss the Perugia experience in the restaurants  Zapiecek The nearby, open 24 hours and serves delicious pies on a varied daily menu.

Budapest, Hungary


There are so many fun things to do in Budapest. Széchenyi Thermal is the largest medical bath in Europe, and relaxing in the calm waters is reason enough to visit Budapest, there is nothing more wonderful than enjoying a heated outdoor swimming pool.

Destinations Europe in the winter

Berlin, ألمانيا


Berlin is a wonderful city, full of history, attractions, as well as lots of things to see and do. Berlin is now known as a tourist center that attracts visitors from all sides, as the city now looks really good and united after the turmoil of WWII and the Cold War, but remnants of that time can be seen all over the city, from the Berlin Wall and the Holocaust Monument to the modern Potsdamer Platz.

Germany also has markets dedicated to celebrating the New Year, and if you visit in time, there will be plenty of fun options waiting for you. You can try the Christmas markets in Cologne, Dresden and Hamburg.

Vienna, Austria


Between the imperial palaces, and tourist attractions, as well as elegant cafes and beautiful museums, there are many reasons to fall in love with Vienna in winter, as this picturesque city, one of the most beautiful European destinations in winter, has a mixture of modernity and history in charming scenes, and in the winter Vienna is a great place to enjoy the New Year's markets, as many places around the city offer delicious food and hot drinks to keep you warm.

Bratislava, Slovakia


Bratislava may be small, but it is one of Europe's favorite destinations in winter, as the Old Town Square turns into a great New Year's marketplace, so expect to see authentic handcrafted trinkets and large meals of traditional food at a bargain price.

Bratislava is only an hour away from Vienna by train, so it's easy to visit in one trip.

Gdansk, Poland


Gdansk is located in northern Poland on the coast of the Baltic Sea, and this site was actually the place where the Second World War began, and the beautiful old city was largely destroyed at that time, except that the colorful facades have now been rebuilt so that they look new, and they may look Gdansk in winter is an unfamiliar choice for many, but this unique city often enjoys cheap flights during the winter season and allows you to have a perfect city break.

Gdansk was influenced by the many sailors and merchants who passed by, adding to its charming atmosphere, adding to this the splendor of its architecture, attractions, and dining opportunities in one of the many attractive restaurants or cafes.

Reykjavik, Iceland


Reykjavik is offered among the best European places to visit in winter, because it is really a wonderful place, winter in Iceland means a lot of snow with opportunities to see the unique volcanic and thermal landscapes, and you can also enjoy the splendor of the northern lights in the evening.

Eating out can be more expensive in Iceland, but there are some great restaurants to try, which cater to all visitor options.

Bergen, Norway


Between the mountains and the fjords, there is no denying that Bergen is one of the most beautiful places in Norway. From there you can take a tour of the fjords, and even in winter, you can ride the funicular and enjoy the splendor of nature scenes, as well as enjoy skiing, add to that the splendor of the colorful houses on the wharf, which was once an active center of commerce, not to mention the opportunities for eating food Delicious marine and many fun experiences when visiting Bergen winter season.

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