The most famous city in Russia, which is visited by tourists annually from all over the world

The most famous city in Russia, which is visited by tourists annually from all over the world


The most famous city in Russia

Russia is one of the largest countries in the world by area, and some consider it a neighbor to all, as it has common borders with many countries in Asia

It is considered the oldest country in Europe and has a history with many countries in the world and this is evident in its traces

Its ancient architecture was influenced by many other countries, and the number of its cities exceeded many Cities of Russia About one hundred and fifty cities

It is governed by the semi-presidential rule.

The cities of all Russia are distinguished by a beautiful nature that you cannot see anywhere else, as its northern climate differs in which there are many white, glacial mountains that are far from our hot environment, and in which we see arctic forests, animals and types of rare plants.

In addition to its ancient antiquities and history, every city in Russia tells a story and has tourist attractions that distinguish it

Gardens, resorts, sports games and celebrations, all of these factors made it the most famous city in the world

Receiving numbers of tourists in the thousands every day, especially from Arabs coming from Asia and Africa

Be sure that if you come to Russia, your trip is not enough for less than a month to enjoy everything in it.


Cities of Russia

A large number of tourist cities in Russia are different in nature, so each city has what is distinctive, and there are cities for recreational tourism, beaches, parks, and other Russian cities that combine antiquities, culture and other places to look at nature. Every city has its own unique.

Saint Petersburg '' St. Petersburg '

It is a snowy city, everyone loves to come to it in the winter, to live moments of snowfall in the streets

They ski, as it is a city located in northwestern Russia, and it is one of the most ancient cities in Russia

Where it has many archaeological sites, and the most important archaeological sites include the Caesarian Village and the Palaces Square.

Sochi ” Sochi '

It is located on the Black Sea and is suitable for everyone who loves entertainment, sports and sea riding, as it has a number of parks and gardens

And amusement parks and amusement parks, where international celebrations and competitions are held.

If you like to attend an international sports competition

The clubs in them receive tourism in Russia every year, which takes a large percentage of sports.

Novosibirsk city:

This city contains many monuments and has its own football stadium, which displays the international football matches. Tourism is frequent in Russia and there are a number of parks, such as the zoo, which collects a large number of rare animals.

Tourist places in Russia

Kazan ” Win  '

There are many monuments, especially Islamic historical monuments, which are mosques such as the Qul Sharif Mosque and the historical Kremlin castle, and there are Orthodox historical buildings.

Moscow ” Moscow '

The capital of Russia is Moscow, and if we talk about it, it is more than one city in Russia, on which tourism depends heavily from other cities

It is a comprehensive city in which you find all kinds of tourism, including antiquities, culture and buildings that have a long history

Which proved that Russia is the most capable in the world and one of the most important monuments in Moscow is Red Square

It is a historical place with a large popular square surrounded by many old buildings

And there is the Kremlin area, which shows the luxury of the historical Russian building, in the palaces and many monuments

Located in Moscow, every street in it represents a historical excursion, and besides that, there are public gardens and parks

There is the world-famous Moscow Zoo, which is the most popular place for families to gather to spend a very nice time there.

Google Map Moscow


It is located close to the border with Japan and it is a maritime city with a large port located in Russia that accommodates all of the Asian ships

Among the most important features are the presence of natural reserves that distinguish them in forests and the spread of diverse animals

And the presence of rare fish and types of whales in it, as there is a prohibited area from hunting

And it contains some historical relics dating back to the nineteenth century, such as Vladivostok Castle.

Our dialogue with the cities of Russia does not end yet, as they carry many places

Which made tourism in Russia the first thought of anyone who loves to diversify his tourist attractions.

So if you are looking for civilization, entertainment and beaches, all of that is in the largest country in Russia.


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