Hanover, Germany

 Hanover, Germany


Most of the time, tourists visit the German city of Hanover, which is the capital of Lower Saxony

And they take their time to get to know Hanover, and these visitors rarely feel any remorse about visiting this city.

The architecture in this city is a world-class architecture, as is the fertile nature of the wonderful museums

And the huge markets of the city make it capable of satisfying all kinds of diverse tastes.

Therefore, we have prepared a group of the most important tourist, historical and cultural places in the German city of Hanover

In which you can enjoy your time while you are in this beautiful city.

هانوفر في المانيا

Tourist places in Hanover, Germany

Herrenhausen Gardens

The Royal Herrenhausen Gardens are simply Hanover's most popular tourist attraction

In addition, these royal gardens have a wide international reputation.

These royal gardens include four unique gardens

They are the Grocer Garden, Berg Garden, Jorgen Garten, and Wilfen Garten

The large garden is carefully manicured. This park is an important platform for holding important celebrations and events

Fireworks contests, parties and theatrical performances

These royal gardens contain a dedicated space to display the latest work of Niki de Saint-Vall

The Baroque Berg Garden, on the other hand, is a remnant that still testifies to the passage of more than three hundred years of the existence of these wonderful gardens

And the German Wilhelm Busch Museum of Cartoons and Critical Art

As well as the Temple of Leibniz, all this has resulted in the gardens of Jorgen Garten

It is an important tourist attraction among the great Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen.

حدائق هيرينهاوزن

حدائق هيرينهاوزن

New Town Hall building

It doesn't take a deep effort for architecture to be able to understand and appreciate the magnificence of the new town hall

And it is possible to reconcile two scenes, which are the view of this castle with the view of the ground only, because it includes beautiful views of this city

Its height is 93 and a half meters, which is about 307 feet up to the observation ceiling

As for the elevator that receives visitors and takes them to the tower, it is a wonderful and unique elevator

And it is the only elevator in Europe that ascends into a dome-like angle.

مبنى قاعة البلدة الجديدة

مبنى قاعة البلدة الجديدة

Landmarks of Hanover, Germany

Lower Saxony State Museum

The Lower Saxony State Museum stretches over the entire area corresponding to the new town hall building

And the exterior design of this museum is very wonderful, as it looks like a group of houses stacked next to each other.

And this museum displays an exceptional collection of art, some of which date back to the eleventh century until the twentieth century

Among them are handcrafted historical national artifacts

It includes a life-size model of a dinosaur as well as a huge vivarium

Also, the antiquities section contains hand-made artefacts whose manufacture dates back about five hundred thousand years

As for the anthology department, it includes a rich collection of unique items that were collected from all over the world.

متحف ولاية ساكسونيا السفلى
متحف ولاية ساكسونيا السفلى

Hanover Zoo

Hanover is the home of one of the oldest zoos in Germany and the fifth oldest

Among the most wonderful and oldest zoos

In fact, simply visiting Hanover Zoo will not be a mere visit, but rather an adventure.

Visitors to the park can walk inside the park for a distance of up to five kilometers, or about more than three miles

In order to explore the different parts of the zoo such as the African savanna, the Indian rainforest and the hinterland farm

The traditional Lower Saxony

Gorilla forest. The livestock and birds section includes a group of diverse animals who live in a natural environment without any visible barriers.

حديقة حيوان هانوفر

حديقة حيوان هانوفر

Thus, we have finished showing a group of the best and most important tourist attractions in the beautiful German city of Hanover

We hope that what we presented was able to interest you in visiting this ancient city

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