The most important information and tourist places in Germany

About Germany:

The Federal Democratic Republic of Germany is located in Western Europe

It is characterized by its picturesque nature, where we find: forests, rivers, mountain ranges and beautiful beaches in the north.

The capital of the country is Berlin, and its currency is the Euro, and it has common borders with many countries:

  1. Denmark
  2. Poland
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Austria, Switzerland
  5. France, Luxembourg
  6. بلجيكا
  7. هولندا

Today Germany is a global power with a strong economy as it has the fourth largest economy in the world

Which is characterized by diversity and advanced technology. Germany is characterized by a temperate climate in most regions.


Tourism in Germany:

Germany is not the only economic powerhouse of the European Union

It is even one of the best places to visit for those seeking a real and exciting vacation on the 'Old Continent'.

Thanks to the wonderful network of highways (Autobahn)

And the railways that cross this country in central Europe

Easily accessible to German cities and towns, large and small.

Whether you plan to stay in one place, such as the wonderful capital Berlin, or a historic city

Like Munich, or maybe you embark on a trip to smaller places to visit in Germany

Like the beautiful spa town of Baden-Baden in the Black Forest or the medieval town of Rothenburg

The venues Tourism in Germany And the things that can be done here are limitless.

  • Germany boasts a great variety of stunning scenery, including everything from the beautiful valleys of the Rhine and Moselle to the majestic peaks of the Bavarian Alps, the gorgeous beaches of Lake Constance, and the rugged coastlines along the Baltic and North Seas.


Best time to visit Germany:

  • The best time for sightseeing in Germany is when the weather is nice, and there aren't many tourists. This usually means April and May or October, after the large crowds have left for the October festivities.


The cost of tourism in Germany:

  • The cost of a medium-cost tourist trip for two people for a week in Germany is about 1590 US dollars, including accommodation, food, transportation, and sightseeing, without counting airline tickets.
  • Food prices: Starting at $ 14 USD per meal.
  • Hotel rates: Starting at $ 51 USD for two people for one night. You can easily book a hotel in Germany with the website

Tourist places in Germany:

1. Berlin:

  • If you are able to make only one trip to Germany, you will need to spend at least a few days in Berlin. There is no doubt that the country's capital is one of the liveliest and most vibrant cities in Europe, as it is known for its great experiences in shopping and entertainment. Berlin is also one of Europe's top cultural destinations, with many excellent art galleries and museums waiting to be explored, and some of these are housed in the Museum Island.
  • In addition to the artistic attractions, fun activities at night include enjoying concerts by the famous Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra; Performed by the Berlin Opera. Or simply wander the busy streets of Mitte, where you'll find famous landmarks such as the Brandburg Gate. Other areas that you would like to explore include the Charlottenburg region, which is generally quieter than the more crowded Mitte, and is home to many pleasant parks and gardens including the zoo.
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Tourist places in Germany

2. Munich:

  • The capital of the state of Bavaria and one of the largest cities in Germany, Munich owes much of its popularity as a tourist destination to its location on the outer edge of the beautiful Bavarian Alps. Although it is not one of the oldest cities in Germany - its roots can be traced back to a settlement of monks prior to its official founding date in 1158 and Munich has also played a major role in shaping the country's cultural and political makeup.
  • The rapid growth of the city saw it develop into an important center for arts and commerce, as well as a religious center. These days, in fact, no visitor can miss seeing the many remaining churches in the city, including the Peterskirche Church, the Old Inner City Church built during the XNUMXth century AD, the famous Cathedral, and Frauenkirche (also the most famous buildings in City).
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Tourist places in Germany

3. Rothenburg

  • If there is one travel destination in Germany that brings together all the wonderful about this beautiful country, it is the old town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. It is located in the heart of beautiful Bavaria and a short drive from some major cities like Frankfurt. Rottenburg, as it is often called, boasts wonderful opportunities to photograph everywhere you look.
  • Located above the River Tauber, Rothenburg has survived the ravages of war that ravaged many other ancient cities and towns in the Middle Ages and thus has retained the majority of its many original medieval buildings in their original form.
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Tourist places in Germany

4. Cologne:

  • Cologne is one of those wonderful old German cities that has managed to preserve its past for modern generations to enjoy. The Romans settled there, and for centuries Cologne was an important religious center and place of pilgrimage.
  • These days, Cologne's top attractions are in the Old Town, which has 12 classic old churches, including the famous Cologne Cathedral. Expect to spend hours exploring this magnificent building and the ancient merchant houses surrounding the place, many of which are now bustling with modern commerce, including art galleries, boutiques, and cafes.
  • Cologne's reputation as a center of commerce has not diminished, as it continues to lure visitors to the shopping districts and traditional markets to purchase locally produced goods, from fashion and perfumes to foodstuffs (you didn't live until you tasted some of Cologne's original varieties of chocolate, available at many locations around the city. Old).
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Tourist places in Germany

5. Koblenz:

  • Koblenz is located at the confluence of two of Europe's most important rivers: the Moselle and the Rhine. In fact, the city straddles both banks of these huge rivers, and as a result, for centuries it has remained an important defensive and economic center. ( The castle now houses an interesting Carnival Museum.)
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Tourist places in Germany

6. Baden-Baden:

  • Thanks to its mild climate and hot springs, Baden-Baden is one of the most popular spa towns (mineral baths) in the world and one of the most popular places to visit in Germany. The rich mineral spas that make them famous have been in use since Roman times, and you can visit the remains of their baths, as well as enjoy a first-hand spa experience in the 19th century Friedrichsbad and modern Caracalla baths.
  • Baden-Baden is also a popular destination for sports enthusiasts, with its many golf and tennis clubs, as well as equestrian sports such as horse racing. In summer, the city is a hiking haven, while in winter its trails attract Scandinavian skiing. The tourist route cuts through the vast forests of the city, making it an ideal base for exploring the beautiful Black Forest. You can also go on trips to visit the nearby medieval towns and villages.
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بادن بادن

Tourist places in Germany

7. City of Nurnberg:

  • Today's attractive medieval Old Town district in Nuremberg offers testimony not only to the rich cultural traditions that shaped Germany, but also to the country's modern creativity. After nearly total destruction during World War II, the vast majority of the city's iconic medieval architecture - untouched for centuries - required rebuilding.
  •  Instead of bulldozing and building the less attractive modern structures, the decision was taken to rebuild the old city center exactly as it was before the war. The results are simply amazing, so much so that, in fact, it would be hard for experts to believe that these structures in the Altstad were only built decades ago.
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Tourist places in Germany

8. Frankfurt:

  • Frankfurt was for a long time one of the most important cities in Germany. For centuries the city was an independent nation, and the many old buildings, world-class attractions and fun things to do here make this historic former imperial city a great place to spend a weekend, or even longer if you are looking for a base to explore the surrounding countryside.
  • The city is located on the River Main, and its past as an important commercial center is easy to get to know, especially in the impressive Old Town district. Highlights include strolling through the fun-filled and well-kept Romerberg Square, known for its fountains and medieval-inspired homes, quaint boutique shops, galleries, excellent cafés and restaurants with outdoor dining options. The square is also home to historic buildings, including the Old Town Hall and a number of fine old churches.
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Tourist places in Germany

9. Hamburg:

  • Those wishing to experience the wonderful hospitality of the people of Germany in the far north of the country should consider visiting Hamburg. The country's second largest city is located on the mouth of the River Elbe, a short distance from the North Sea, a site that has ensured its importance as the country's most important port. From here, global shipping routes not only cross but also connect with important inland waterways.
  • Visit the site any day of the week, night or day, and you will see an endless array of ships of all sizes coming and ready, including an increasing number of cruise ships carrying large numbers of tourists coming to explore this modern and vibrant city.
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Tourist places in Germany

10. Dresden

  • Thanks to its location just a few kilometers from the German border with the Czech Republic, the historic city of Dresden makes it a great base from which to explore not only the eastern part of the country, but also eastern Europe as well. The city is located in a low-lying area of ​​the upper Elbe Valley, and was first inhabited for its fertile lands, beautiful weather, temperate climate, and access to important European trade routes.
  •  After centuries of growth during the reign of the ancient Saxon Kings, the vast majority of Dresden's magnificent city center - formerly known as Germany's 'jewel box' for its beautiful Rococo and Baroque architecture - was destroyed during bombing in WWII, but in the past few decades it has been brought back It was built and now it stands once again as one of the leading cultural and entertainment centers in the country.
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11. Leipzig

  • Leipzig is famous for its traditional galleries and markets (including the wonderful Christmas market), and it deserves to be on your Germany travel itinerary. It is located in the midst of a picturesque landscape in the Saxony-Lowlands region, a one-hour train ride from the capital, Berlin.
  • Leipzig has long been an important center of trade and exchange, which in turn has led to its rise as one of the country's leading centers of art, culture and education. It is a legacy that lives on to this day, with its long tradition as a center of literature and learning everywhere, from international book fairs to its place as home to the German National Library.
  • These days, Leipzig has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of East Germany thanks to its rich cultural and musical heritage (it is also widely considered one of the best cities in Europe to live in). In addition to beautiful historic architecture, a walking tour will take you to countless wonderful places to shop and eat, as well as to the many fun parks and green spaces, including the city's beautiful botanical gardens.
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12. The Rhine Valley:

  • The Rhine River is not only one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, it is also one of the most important waterways on the continent, and it flows about 1320 kilometers from Switzerland to the Netherlands and the North Sea. One of the most attractive sections of this mighty river flows through Germany's Middle Rhine Valley, an area of ​​great natural beauty. In fact, the river stretches from Mannheim in the south to Koblenz in the north to such a stunning sight that a large section referred to as the Rhine Gorge has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Thanks to its many castles and historic towns, this stretch of the Rhine has for centuries affected artists, composers, and composers. These days, the Rhine Valley is as popular with tourists today as it is with those who stay for longer visits, with opportunities to walk or cycle the many long-distance and bike paths, or hop on a river boat for a long or extended trip.
وادي الراين
Rhine Valley

13. Black Forest:

  • The beautiful Black Forest, with dark hills and dense brightness, is one of the most visited highlands in all of Europe. Located in the southwestern corner of Germany and stretching 160 kilometers from Pforzheim in the north to Waldschut on the High Rhine in the south, it is a hiker's paradise. On the western side, it descends steeply to the Rhine, crossed by fertile valleys, while on the east, it descends more gently to the upper Neckar and Danube valleys.
  • Popular places include Germany's oldest ski area in Todtnau, superb spa facilities in Baden-Baden, and the inviting resort of Bad Leibnizade. Other highlights include the stunning Black Forest railway station that passes Triberg with its famous waterfalls, and Triberg itself which is home to the Black Forest open-air museum.
الغابة السوداء
the black Forest

14. Neuschwanstein castle:

  • The quaint old town of Füssen is located between Mount Amerigo and the Allgäu Alp Resort, a popular Alpine resort and winter sports center, and is a good base from which to explore the nearby Neuschwanstein Castle, one of the most famous and beautiful royal castles.
  • King Ludwig II of Bavaria built this fairytale fort covered with numerous towers - and is the inspiration for the park's famous Walt Disney castles - from 1869 to 1886. A variety of tour options are offered, including guided tours of the palace's opulent interior. .
قصر نويشفانشتاين
Neuschwanstein Palace

15. City of Bamberg:

  • It is located in the Regnitz Valley, where the river is divided into two. Bamberg, the ancient imperial city and the most important city in Upper Franconia, is one of the best-preserved places in Germany's many charming old towns and one of the best places to explore it on foot.
  • Your walking tour should begin in its old episcopal quarter, home to the XNUMXth-century cathedral and old Benedictine abbey of Michelsburg. It is between the two branches of the river where you will find the stunning Burgersstadt, a small area of ​​Bamberg that contains the 'Gruner Market', an excellent pedestrian area, which is home to the XNUMXth-century Baroque church of St. Martin.
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16. Zugspitze mountain range:

  • Part of the Wetterstein mountain range, the Zugspitze Range straddles the border between Germany and Austria and is surrounded by steep valleys. The eastern summit, at 2962 meters, is crowned with a stunning cross and can be reached via the Bayerisch Zugspitsbahn, cog railway, or cable car.
  • Another great way to enjoy this area of ​​great natural beauty is aboard the Tiroler Zugspitsen, a railway linking to Zugspitmann station at an altitude of 2805 meters. From here, you can continue on the cable car to the Zugspitts-Westgipfel at 2 meters (be sure to sample a meal in the excellent panoramic restaurant located here).

17. Rügen Island:

  • Rügen is the largest and most beautiful of the German Baltic Sea islands, separated from the rest of Germany by the Straitsund Strait and linked to the mainland town of Stralsund by a bridge. The island's beauty stems from its diversity of landscapes, including everything from flat farmland and forest-covered hills to wide sandy beaches, lakes, and a beautiful peninsula.
  • One of the fun things to do here, especially for outdoor enthusiasts, is to pay a visit to the Jasmund peninsula, which reaches heights of 161 meters. Here, you'll find Jasmond National Park, which is popular with nature lovers for its abundance of wildlife, with notable species found here, including the rare white-tailed eagle.
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18. Königssee lake:

  • The beautiful Bavarian Lake Königssee is one of Germany's most remarkable beauty spots, referred to as 'Berchtesgadner Land'. Also known near Kings Lake, this area is a hiking (and cycling) paradise thanks to its extensive network of trails. One of the most popular things to do is to follow the attractive footpath along the eastern side from Konigssee to Malerwinkel, or Painters' Corner, marked by its impressive views of the lake and the surrounding mountains.
  • Another equally great attraction option is to take a boat trip to the XNUMXth-century pilgrimage church of St. Bartholomew, at the southern end of the lake, and walk from here to the town of Obersee. Berchtesgaden, at the end of the Deutsche Alpenstraße, is perhaps the most popular tourist town and one of the most famous mountain resorts in the Bavarian Alps.
بحيرة كونيغسي
Lake Konigssee

19. Potsdam:

  • Potsdam, the capital of the state of Brandenburg, lies 40 km southwest of Berlin in a beautiful area of ​​forests and lakes. This former residence of the Prussian rulers is a city of palaces and gardens in a style that has been given its own name: Potsdam Rococo. Although inhabited since the Bronze Age, it was under the rule of Frederick the Great .. New palaces were built and replaced by entire sections of Baroque houses. Today, much of this beautiful city is protected under the UNESCO palaces, Berlin parks and Potsdam World Heritage Site.
  • With so many great things to do in this beautiful city, it can be a little difficult to know where to start. And if all you can save is a day in Potsdam, make sure the magnificent Palace and Garden of Zanssouci is on your list. The city also hosts a number of exciting festivals, including the Potsdam-Sanssouci Music Festival, as well as an excellent Christmas market.
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20. Mainau Island:

  • Mainau, the gorgeous flower island on beautiful Lake Constance, covers an area of ​​110 acres and attracts many visitors to its beautiful gardens and parks, as well as subtropical and tropical vegetation. Access to the island is by boat, or via a footbridge connecting it to the mainland.
  •  (Ample public parking is available on the mainland, some with EV charging stations.) Another highlight is the XNUMXth-century Skylos Palace, famous for its beautiful white hall, old defense tower, and gatehouse.
جزيرة مايناو
Mainau Island
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