Write with us

Write with us


If you have a tourist experience to any of the countries of the world, and you want to share it with others in the Kuwait Citadel

So why not send it to us to see it documented on the pages of the Kuwait Citadel website

We are at the site “Kuwait Citadel“We welcome all tourist experiences and are committed to displaying them on our website as a reference for everyone who is looking for ideas and opinions about their new destination that they are planning to visit. If you love travel and travel, and are looking for an opportunity to display your travels, do not hesitate to contact us via the following mail: travel@q8castle.com

Write with us your tourism report and do not hesitate to publish your tourism experience to be a reference for travelers and for visitors to the Kuwait Citadel website

No matter how minor your experience is to you, it may be important to others.

Note : The coordination of the topic does not matter, we will in turn coordinate and publish the topic