5 most famous tourist cities in Azerbaijan

5 most famous tourist cities in Azerbaijan

The 5 most famous tourist cities of Azerbaijan Travel and tourism in Azerbaijan has a special pleasure, as it is a unique country and has a special tourist character that attracts tourists from all over the world

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The Republic of Azerbaijan is one of the countries that possesses a vast area, as it stretches between the continents of Asia and Europe

The republic also extends to the Caspian Sea, and due to the geographical location and the large area, the cities of Azerbaijan multiplied.

And every city of Azerbaijan It surpasses the other city in terms of charm and beauty

Our role in this article is to introduce you to aThe best and most famous tourist cities of Azerbaijan.

مدن اذربيجان السياحية

Tourist cities of Azerbaijan

Many tourists believe that all sights are located only in the city of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan

While there are a number of tourist cities of Azerbaijan Others that contain distinct, undiscovered, and unknown tourist attractions.

جمهورية أذربيجان


It is a city in Azerbaijan other than Baku, the capital

There are a number of cities that border the continent of Europe and the cities that border the continent of Asia took from the two continents many stunning views of

“Forests, old and modern buildings, caves and varied terrain”

All these factors attract many tourists .

Among the most important and beautiful tourist cities of Azerbaijan that you should not miss when traveling and tourism in Azerbaijan are the following:

5 most famous tourist cities in Azerbaijan

Baku “the capital of Azerbaijan”

مدينة باكو

Baku is one of the most famous and best cities in Azerbaijan, and the reason for this is that it is the capital of Azerbaijan

It is also an ideal place for travel and tourism, as it has a special beauty and charm beyond description.

The city of Baku has many landmarks, both historical and archaeological, represented by the “old city, museums, and old buildings”.


The city also has modern and entertainment places represented in "hotels, skyscrapers, and restaurants". The city is also close to the Caspian Sea, in addition to the fact that transportation in the city is cheap.

2- Qabala City

مدينة Qabala

The city of Gabala is one of the most famous cities of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and it is considered one of the most close to the city of Baku, as it is about 225 km away from it.

The city of Abala was the capital of Albania for 600 years, and because of this period, the city became possessed of historical and cultural landmarks over various eras.

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مدينة غابالا

Through your visit to the city, you can hike and enjoy your time, you can camp there, as it has a wonderful and charming nature, as it has various forests and has multiple valleys and rivers. The city also contains distinctive recreational sites, and the city includes a large number of diverse and charming villages.

3- Shaki

مدينة شاكي

Sheki is one of the most charming cities in the world, not only in Azerbaijan. Sheki is the second city after Baku, as it is considered a city with an ancient and original history, as it has many ancient castles and palaces dating back to the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries.

مدينة شاكي

The city of Sheki is characterized by the traditional food that it offers, and the city is famous for providing food in pottery and this pottery remains in the oven for 4 hours or more until the food is cooked, and you can take a stroll by walking in its old streets.

4- Ganja

مدينة غنجة

The city of Ganja is one of the oldest cities in the Republic of Azerbaijan, as it dates back to 494 BC. The city of Ganja has many places and attractions, as it has a charming nature represented in "forests, springs, mountains and reserves"

The city has many amazing tourist places such as the mausoleum of the great poet Nizami Ganjave, the mausoleum is about 20 meters high, and behind the mausoleum is a poetry theater, museum and art gallery, and the mausoleum is one of the places that should not be missed in the city. The local museums located in the city house around 30000 artifacts.

5- Mardakan City

مدينة Mardakan

One of the most beautiful cities in Azerbaijan is مدينة As the city has charming and picturesque views, the city has a large number of castles that contain watchtowers, and the city is also famous for its mosque "Tuba Shahi" Which dates back to the fifteenth century. The city also contains a number of museums, old houses and mausoleums.


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