Here are the most beautiful natural places in Tanzania

Here are the most beautiful natural places in Tanzania


 Selous Reserve

It is considered one of the most beautiful natural places in Tanzania, and it is one of the largest reserves in the world and Africa

In terms of the number of elephants and its lions, it provides a lot of recreational activities to enjoy the charming nature

It can be visited by adventure lovers to do a safari by river cruises.


Lake Minyara 

A wonderful natural place suitable for camping lovers because it is home to many types of birds such as ostriches, flamingos and others

There are also different wild animals such as elephants

Hippo and giraffe, and those who visit them enjoy riding and hiking in a boat

And do various safari trips as it provides many services and facilities for tourists.

Mafia Island

It is one of the most beautiful nature places in Tanzania as it is an ideal area for diving

It contains many different marine life, so tourists from everywhere go to dive

Watching colorful fish, octopus, dolphins and other fishes

In addition to beautiful coral reefs

The island is also distinguished by its natural beauty represented in the beauty of its beaches, where the golden sand and vegetation cover of coconut trees

Mango, cashew nuts, papaya and other trees.


 Pemba island

It is one of the most beautiful natural places in Zanzibar in Tanzania, 1 km away from Zanzibar Island

It has the advantage of being a small island, but it has a special charm due to the presence of rare turtles on it

The one who goes to the beach to hatch and lay her eggs and then go to the beach again

Watching these moments is wonderful, and memorial photos must be taken

Diving enthusiasts also go to the island due to the abundance of aquatic organisms.


 Zanzibar island

It is considered one of the most beautiful islands in Tanzania, as it is an island that has a picturesque nature, with beautiful beaches and old houses

When visiting, you will enjoy relaxing in front of the beach on the soft sand and surrounded by clear and calm waters.


Mount Kilimanjaro

One of the most beautiful mountains in Tanzania, so adventure lovers go to it, as it is a wonderful mountain for climbing

With a height of more than 19 thousand feet, it is one of the highest mountains in Africa

It is also characterized by its volcanic nature and its high areas with snow in a wonderful natural landscape.

For how to get to the mountain Google Maps

 Ngorongoro Reserve 

It is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Tanzania because it surrounds the crater of an ancient volcano

It dates back more than 3 million years and the reserve enjoys beautiful wildlife in the form of wildlife

And different birds and plants. It is worth noting that there are a group of animals that are endangered, such as the black rhino.


 Ruaha National Park

An open nature park is the second largest in Tanzania

It is characterized by containing different types of wild animals such as

, Leopards, tigers, lions, giraffes, zebras, foxes and other pets and predators

In addition to vegetation cover and various birds

Many crocodiles also live in it. If you visit, you must take pictures of them.


Serengeti Park

It is one of the largest sheds in Africa and is suitable for safari trips to enjoy the beautiful nature

Of wildlife, you should take pictures of the zebra herds.


Jozani forest

It is one of the best natural places in Tanzania and it is found in Zanzibar

It is characterized by containing huge tropical trees as well as animals, including rare species

Such as a particular type of monkey which are red monkeys along with 40 species of birds and 50 butterflies

If you do visit, do not miss taking pictures with souvenirs.


 Western Osambara Mountains

One of the most beautiful natural places to explore wildlife is forests, plains and waterfalls.



A fishing village on the southern coast of Tanzania, which is a beautiful natural area

It also represents traditional Zanzibar life and is distinguished by its beautiful beaches and blue waters.


 Nungwi Region

It is located on the northern beaches of Zanzibar and is characterized by clear blue water and white sand

And palm trees around it and sailboats that spread on the coast line

It is also an ideal area for diving due to the beauty of its coral reefs.


 Tea plantations

Tanzania is one of the most important tea producing countries in Africa due to its warm climate and monsoon rains

These are suitable conditions for growing tea and for this reason, tea farms are found in abundance in Tanzania

Especially in the highlands, which is one of the beautiful landscapes of the country


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