Reasons for traveling to Kyrgyzstan

Reasons for traveling to Kyrgyzstan


Between beautiful lakes, towering mountains and distinctive green hills, as well as valleys and lots of wildflowers, Kyrgyzstan, a wonderful destination located on the ancient Silk Road in the heart of Central Asia, has a lot of amazing landscapes that will likely push you to spend most of your time in the wilderness. Perhaps these features and others are what pushed that diverse country to the list of the best countries in the world to visit in 2019, so why not plan to discover Kyrgyzstan soon?

أسباب السفر إلى قيرغيزستان


Reasons for traveling to Kyrgyzstan
the amazing nature


Located Kyrgyzstan In the heart of Central Asia, it is a diverse land that includes many huge mountains and vast alpine lakes

So that 90% of the country is located 1000 meters above sea level, including; 1 lakes,

As well as many canyons, waterfalls, and rock formations exciting to explore, as well as beautiful rivers.
Indeed, Kyrgyzstan is the land of absolute beauty, everywhere you look at it, you will see breathtaking sights, which will only be interspersed with a herd of sheep, goats or horses

Every now and then, other than that, you and nature will be in perfect harmony.

Food in Kyrgyzstan

أسباب السفر إلى قيرغيزستان الطعام الشهي

Food in Kyrgyzstan combines a mixture of Russian, Turkish and Asian influences.

Dear traveler, when visiting, expect a lot of meat dishes, pasta, potatoes, dumplings, soup and rice

In addition to fresh tomato and cucumber salads, as well as various fresh fruits.

cultural diversity

In Kyrgyzstan there are many different nationalities living in one place,

Each nationality has its own cultures, including the way tea is consumed, the way meat dishes are prepared, as well as original songs

So when you travel from one place to another in Kyrgyzstan, you will be able to see the different ways in which the locals live.
During your various tours of the country, you will be able to meet these distinguished residents, who enjoy great friendliness and hospitality, with a wonderful smile.
Beautiful horses

There are thousands of horses in Kyrgyzstan, which you will probably notice the moment you set foot in the country

In addition to what these beautiful animals offer are charming scenes for the eyes

As a tourist, you can hire a guide and climb the wonderful mountains of Kyrgyzstan on horseback, in a wonderful experience that will not be forgotten in your memory.

Wonderful wildlife

أسباب السفر إلى قيرغيزستان الحياة البرية

Besides horses, Kyrgyzstan is also home to countless birds, with nearly 360 different species breeding in the country. Every place, along with many other rare animals.

Fun trips

أسباب السفر إلى قيرغيزستان رحلات ممتعه

Trekking is one of the most popular reasons to visit Kyrgyzstan, as you can find various routes for excursions around the country, ranging from day trips to 5-day excursions, including trekking experiences to high lakes, or to alpine forests and springs. Hot.
Note that visitors are permitted to camp in most parts of the country, just make sure to camp responsibly and in an orderly way while respecting the local culture.

Distinguished residence

أسباب السفر إلى قيرغيزستان السكن بالطبيعه

Many experts confirm that staying with a family is the best way to discover the local culture in Kyrgyzstan, as there are many opportunities to stay in the homes of local residents, as well as accommodation opportunities in the traditional camps scattered all over the countryside, which are called yurt camps.


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