Important information about South Africa

Important information about South Africa


South Africa includes a country of about 55 million people, according to XNUMX statistics

It is home to more than five million illegal immigrants

According to racial discrimination, the population is divided into white and non-white residents

It has a white population of more than five million

And non-whites are more than twenty-nine million people

And the number of Asians four million

The rest of the population is classified from the Bantu tribes and they are the Patriotic Americans

They are divided into groups of them Zulu، Save me، Tsonga، Venda And a group Soto.


Official languages ​​of South Africa

South Africa has 11 official languages

  • Five
  • Syrian
  • Ndebele
  • Tsuana
  • Fenda
  • Zulu
  • And the English language
  • And some other languages

But the most used languages ​​are Zulu, after the five, and then African

English is the fourth language spoken in business and science

It is the common language of all tribes.


The official currency of South Africa

The Rand is the official currency of South Africa. The Rand takes its name from the word "whitewater land".

It is a South African word meaning white water

Where gold was discovered in it, the rand is divided into a hundred cents

The Rand is the official currency of the Common Area

Between South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia and Lesotho.


Religions in South Africa

Christianity is the official religion in South Africa

The percentage of Christians there is XNUMX% of the total population, according to XNUMX statistics

Most of them follow different Protestant denominations

Muslims account for XNUMX% of the population, Hindus XNUMX% of the population, and the rest are Jews

In addition, XNUMX% have no religious affiliations.

Important information about South Africa

The economy of the country of South Africa

There are two levels of economy in the South African country

It is one of the few African countries that are classified with middle-income groups

As its economy is larger than that of Malaysia, it is by all accounts the largest economy in the southern African region

And despite the fact that most of the population of the state of South Africa live on the same level as the first world

However, some live in conditions similar to those of developing countries

They have no access to electricity or clean water, and they suffer from chronic malnutrition.

To find out where the country is on the Google Maps map


Agriculture in the country of South Africa

Agriculture is an important profession in South Africa, as it has the appropriate agricultural ingredients

The cultivation takes place in the foothills, Bush Field, Upper Veld and the coastal plains

Among the most important agricultural products are sugar cane, corn, cotton and wheat.


The most important industries in the country of South Africa

For several years, South Africa has occupied the first place in global gold production

Diamonds are produced and processed in very large quantities, in addition to the production and manufacture of coal and uranium

Therefore, it is considered the first country in Africa in terms of industrialization.


Means of transportation in the country of South Africa

The means of transport and communications in South Africa vary, and among the means used there in transport and communications:

  • Taxis: As the majority of residents use small taxis as the main means of transportation.
  • Maritime transport: It contains many major ports, such as the Port of Cape Town, the Port of Durban, and the Port of Port Elizabeth. Ships and boats pass through them that transport passengers, and some oil tankers.
  • Road transport: The responsibility of road transport in South Africa rests with the Ministry of Transport, which regulates the passage of all means of transport, including road transport, which it is working hard to develop and pave the roads continuously.
  • Railways in South Africa: It contains more than XNUMX kilometers of railways that link all its cities from the inside, and there is a railway link between it and Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Swaziland, and the railways linking South Africa and Mozambique are repaired.


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